Paysafecard betting Florida

Paysafecard betting in Florida is the best way to fund your Florida sports wagers while keeping your identity and financial information safe from frauds and hackers. In this article, we will walk you through the five steps for using Paysafecard to fund your Florida sports betting endeavors. Keep reading to learn more.

How to get started with Paysafecard betting FL

Paysafecard betting Florida is one of the fastest, easiest, and safest sports betting payment methods. The beauty of betting with Paysafecard is that you don’t have to risk your personal or financial information being hacked. To get started, you have to pick out a Florida sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard betting.

After that, create an account with that sportsbook, buy a 16 digit Paysafecard code, fund your wagers, and cash out using Paysafecard when you win. The order of these steps is crucial given that Paysafecard sports betting is not available at all Florida sites. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way with Paysafecard betting in no time!

Best Paysafecard sportsbook in Florida


The first step to Paysafecard betting in Florida is to pick out a Florida sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard. Unfortunately, one disadvantage to using this payment option is that not all sportsbooks accept it.

You don’t want to waste any money purchasing a Paysafecard code if your favorite sportsbooks don’t accept it. By starting the process by picking out sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard, you know that your wagers can be funded with this payment option Here are Florida sportsbooks suitable for Paysafecard betting:

BetMGM paysafecard betting

BetMGM Florida offers some of the most versatile sport betting markets, lucrative promos and bonuses, and safe betting options with the Paysafecard. Don’t forget about the BetMGM welcome bonus since it is one of the most impressive in the industry.

DraftKings paysafecard betting

BetMGM’s biggest competitor is DraftKings. Start wagering some bets using DraftKings Florida Paysafecard. DraftKings is another sports betting site that offers countless betting options and opportunities, even if you are a fan of more obscure sports.

FanDuel paysafecard online betting

FanDuel Florida brags as one of the most updated, sleek, and usable apps in the sports gambling industry. Download the FanDuel app to start placing sports wagers today using the Paysafecard as a private and safe payment option.

FOX Bet Paysafecard sportsbook betting

This provider offers a lot of options for sports fans, but it is most known for its live betting options. Make the game more interesting and exciting by betting while the game is still on using the Paysafecard on FOX Bet Florida.

BetRivers Paysafecard sportsbook

BetRivers Florida creates a safe, fun, and innovative online sports betting experience. Start funding your wagers today using Paysafecard. Even though BetRivers isn’t as nationally known as other sportsbooks, it ranks highly among all sports betting experts.

Be on the lookout in the future for more FL sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard.

Currently, these are the top Paysafecard sports betting sites accepted in Florida. However, we wish that more sites accepted this form of payment. In the future, we hope more Florida sites accept Paysafecard betting. Keep a lookout for more sites that accept it as Paysafecard betting becomes more popular within the United States as it is in Europe.

Sign up for the sportsbooks


If you decide that one of the above-mentioned sportsbooks is right for you, you need to sign up if you haven’t already. You can do this at multiple sites if you prefer. Unfortunately, you will need to provide some personal information about yourself in order to create one of these accounts.

Luckily, you won’t have to provide any banking or financial information when you use the Paysafecard. Instead, you will just need to provide some information about your identity to confirm you are of legal betting age within the state.

For whichever sportsbook you prefer, go to the website and create an account. You will need to submit your name, birthdate, email address, address, and some other info. Make sure to provide honest information since your identity and age must be identified.

If you want to use the Paysafecard, you are likely concerned about security. With the above-mentioned Florida sports betting sites, you don’t have to worry about any of the information being leaked. These sites are entirely legit and provide the most advanced technology to protect your identity.

Purchase a 16 digit code with Paysafecard

Once you have set up your account on the sportsbook of your choosing, it’s time to purchase your 16-digit code. Again, we recommend starting the process by downloading the Paysafe app. The Paysafe app allows you to easily find the closest retail locations for you to purchase these codes.

You can purchase Paysafecard 16 digital codes for a price that ranges between $10 or $100. The price you pay for the card will equal the amount you can fund for your wagers later on. So, think about how much money you want to bet and buy an equal amount in codes.

Whenever you purchase the code, there will be no verification process, and you won’t have to provide personal information. Instead, you can think of the Paysafecard code as working like a prepaid gift card or credit card. There won’t be any added fees, though.

You can keep track of all of your codes, remaining balances, and more using the Paysafe app. We recommend keeping this app on your phone since it helps you manage your Paysafecard codes and more.

Place your bets with Paysafecard

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Place your bets using the Paysafecard 16-digit code. Of course, you will want to do thorough research on the bet you are placing, but that is a different article for a different day.

Once you are ready to place your bet, log into your sportsbook, and find the cashier section so you can deposit your funds. Under this section, all of the payment methods should be available. For example, if you selected one of the above-mentioned sportsbooks, the Paysafecard would be an option. Select Paysafecard and continue.

You will automatically be brought to a page where you have to enter the Paysafecard code and how much money you want to deposit. It does not have to be the entirety of the card. If you wish, you can use part of the balance and save the rest for later. Confirm the deposit.

Once the deposit is confirmed, you have instantaneous access to the money. In other words, you can place your bet right away.

Cash-out with Paysafecard

Assuming that you win, you will probably want to cash your earnings out of your sportsbook account. You have the option to cash out with Paysafecard if you want. You will need to cash out with a range between $20 and $1000 if you want to use the Paysafecard.

Before automatically opting to send your money to Paysafecard, keep in mind that there is no way to send the money from your card to your bank account. If you want to spend that money elsewhere, you will need to set up a different withdrawal method.

Once again, the sportsbooks mentioned above are all safe and offer optimal protection. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the alternative withdrawal method being hacked since the sites use top encryption and data protection methods.

If you decide to go through with the cash-out option using Paysafecard, you get the added bonus that there are no processing fees. This is because whenever you use Paysafecard for withdraws, you act as the operator and not a player. Hence, there are no hidden fees associated with Paysafecard withdrawal.

Once your money is back in your Paysafecard, you can continue to use that money to fund other wagers for future fun. So, you don’t have to spend more money as you place more bets. Instead, just use the earnings from past wins.

FAQ’s About

Is Paysafecard betting accepted in Florida?

Paysafecard betting is accepted at some Florida sports gambling locations. Scroll up to step 1 to find what sportsbooks we recommend for Paysafecard betting in Florida.

How safe is Paysafecard gambling in Florida?

Paysafecard gambling is one of the safest deposit methods when gambling in Florida. Neither your personal information nor banking information is associated with funding your wager with this method, though the sportsbook will require your personal information.

Is my banking information associated with Paysafecard Florida betting?

No. No banking details or personal information are entered, which ultimately protects your financial privacy when using Paysafecard for Florida betting.

What are the benefits of Paysafecard betting in Florida?

Paysafecard betting in Florida is beneficial because it fully protects your identity and banking information while providing instantaneous deposits and fee-free withdrawals.

Are there any drawbacks to Paysafecard betting in Florida?

The biggest drawback of using Paysafecard for funding your Florida sports betting wagers is that not all sportsbooks accept this payment option. Therefore, you will need to select a sportsbook that accepts Paysafecard before deciding to use this payment option.