Florida football betting

We’ve got all the information you need for football betting online in the state of Florida. First, we’ll break down the requirements for betting and how to get started. Then, we’ll make sure you’re informed on the best FL football sportsbooks, followed by a breakdown of football bets with tips and tricks for making the most of your wagers.

How to bet on football in FL

Football is the most popular and widely bet on sport in the United States. Its millions of viewers and wide availability of statistics make it an excellent sport to bet on. However, before you join the thousands betting online in Florida, you’ll need to be well-read on our how-to and football betting tips below.

We’ve put together a step-by-step breakdown for how to bet on football in Florida, as well as the benefits. After that, we’ll help you navigate the world of football betting odds, options, and football sportsbooks.

With all of the information overload out there, our guide directly lists our top football sportsbook recommendations as well as why we chose them. By the end of the day, you’ll be more than ready to place some winning bets on your favorite Florida team!

Best Florida football betting


When choosing the best Florida sportsbooks, you should consider its online security, usability, available sports, bet types, and payment methods. In addition, only licensed and regulated sportsbooks should be considered. We have gone through the details of Florida’s top football sportsbooks and put together our top football betting sites below.

To use these football sportsbooks, there are a couple of requirements. While age can vary by state, football betting in Florida typically abides by the 21+ rule to participate. You’ll need to be of age with a legal ID to be able to wager even $1 online. Most sportsbooks will also require you to have a working email address to log in to your account.

If you meet these very basic prerequisites, you’re already one step closer to betting! Now it’s time to pick your football sportsbook.

FOX Bet football sportsbook

FOX Bet Florida was created under a joint effort between two well-known and reliable sports organizations. As a result, users can take advantage of top betting commentary and stats that provide a unique football sportsbook experience.

BetRivers online football bets

BetRivers Florida offers excellent odds for betting markets small and large alike. In addition, they have plenty of bonuses for both new and old users with few limits. Users also have efficient banking options for deposits and withdrawals with generally short transfer times.

BetMGM football odds

BetMGM Florida customer service outshines competitors. Their website is secure with a wide array of banking options. They also offer boosted parlays, which are an intriguing feature for experienced bettors.

DraftKings football site

One of the largest football sportsbooks on the market, DraftKings Florida extensive following has access to one of, if not the largest, array of betting markets online. If the regular real-life season isn’t enough to satisfy your inner bettor, they even offer online fantasy football.

FanDuel football lines

FanDuel Florida is straightforward in their promotions, avoiding run-around for their users. They also offer live stats for bettors interested in in-play betting. You’ll get all of the stats as they happen, creating exciting live-betting atmospheres throughout the season.

Getting started in Florida with football


There are four steps to betting on football in Florida. These steps assume you have at least some interest in the game with basic knowledge of how the game proceeds. Follow them in order, and you’ll be ready to bet in as little as 1-2-3…4!

Know the lingo

You’ve watched the game, but do you know the phrases? Online betting encompasses words, sayings, and football betting terms you’ll need to know. Please don’t feel like you’ve been thrown one from left field; we’ve broken down the most common terms you’ll see below.

Choose your football sportsbook in FL

Once you’re confident and ready to explore your betting options, you’ll need a football sportsbook to do so. These are the online sites that set and manage football bets, including your payouts! We’ll break down how to choose the best sportsbook and leave you with our top recommendations. For teams in Florida, you can use special Miami Dolphins sportsbook promo codes.

Pick your bets

Once you’ve chosen your football sportsbook, you’ll have to choose which bets you want to wager on. While there are more than meets the eye, our guide includes the most common bets for football betting online.

Stay up-to-date

To bet off of last week’s stats is like eating a week-old sandwich. You just shouldn’t do it. A winning bettor is an up-to-date bettor. Watch sports news, read the stats, and listen to sports podcasts or broadcasters up until game time.

Football betting terms to know in FL


You might know the basics, but there are some ambiguous terms only known to those who are experienced, football bettors. We’ve broken down some of the ones you may come across online below.

  • Cover: You have a ‘cover’ in a game if you won your point spread bet, AKA covering the spread.
  • Line: Also referred to as the odds, betting line, or the line
  • Handicapping: This is what you should be doing. Handicapping is when the bettor is well-researched and studies the teams before betting.
  • Dog: Short for the underdog team
  • Chalk: A nickname for the favorite team
  • Buy points: Some football sportsbooks offer the option of moving a line a half-point or so if the bettor pays a fee or percentage. The bettor would do this to increase their advantage.
  • Hook: Speaking of half a point, we call it a “hook.” If the spread is -6 and the bettor adds a “hook,” it is now -6.5.
  • Dime: A dime bet is when the bettor wagers $1,000.
  • Juice: The football sportsbook’s commission
  • PK or Pick’em: A game where each player has equal odds of winning; neither is the underdog nor the favorite.
  • No action: Bets that get canceled and refunded

Football bets you can make in Florida


Football is broad and beautiful. You can bet on anything from NFL games, to the NCAAF, to the Super Bowl. Any reputable Florida sports betting site is going to offer betting options for the American football market, which makes it a great sport to bet on.

Since it is so vast and widely followed, football has a long list of possible bets you can make. Check out the most popular bets below.

Point Spreads football in FL

Other names for this bet include lines, sides, or spreads. This is perhaps the most popular football bet of all. When reading the odds, you’ll notice that the favorite (-) and underdog (+) are listed. In these cases, the visiting team is listed first and the home team underneath. Here’s an example.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -7.5

Miami Dolphins +7.5

In this example, the Bucs are visiting and seen as the favorite. However, the Dolphins are home and labeled the underdogs in this matchup.

The 7.5 listed is the spread. If you bet on the Bucs, they would have to win by 8 points or more for your wager to win. If you bet on the Dolphins, they would have to win outright or lose by seven or less for your wager to win.

Halftimes and Quarters

Popular bets for football games include betting on the point spread for the first half, second half, or any quarter of the game. Bettors may also bet on the total during these intervals.

These types of bets work the same as point spreads; they are just within a shorter duration of time.


Totals are also known as over/under bets. Another football favorite, totals are a direct bet for novices and pros alike.

A linesmaker – in this case, your football sportsbook – decides on the total number of points that they think will be scored during the game. You then bet whether you think the actual final score will be more or less than that.

A football sportsbook’s total will almost always be to the half-point. Here’s an example.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Miami Dolphins

Over 45.5

Under 45.5

If you bet the final score will be more than 45 points, you wager over. If you bet it will be less than 45 points, you wager under.

Football Moneylines in Florida

The most straightforward of all the bets, the Moneyline, is simply betting on which team you think will win the game. Of course, since the favorite team is seen as more likely to win, bettors will have to risk more money to bet on them. If you’re confident in the underdog, though, you’ll wager less and win more if they end up taking over the game.

Football Parlays bets in FL

Parlays require a bit more betting skill, and, in return, you get quite the thrill. And an even bigger payout if you win. Parlays are popular because of the big bucks they offer.

To bet on a parlay, you must bet on a series of games. This can range from two to 12 selections, depending on the bettor and football sportsbook. The key here is that each of your bets within the parlay must win. That means you must bet accurately on each game; if even one bet fails, your parlay loses.

While it sounds complex, the potential gains outweigh the fear. As an example, a $10 wager on a 6-team parlay can be a $400 payout. That is a 40x increase on your bet! That’s some attractive math.


Proposition bets are usually called prop bets. These are specific bets around events that will or will not happen during a game. Most of the time in football, they revolve around a particular player. Other times, they may revolve around which team scores first, etc.

There is a lot of variety within prop bets, so you’re likely to see new ones pop up all of the time. One example could be comparing one NFL player’s passing yards to another’s. You could even bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl coin flip. The possibilities of props are endless.

Futures football betting in Florida

In football betting, futures are usually around who will win a conference, division, championship, or – the holy grail – the Super Bowl.

You can bet on futures anytime from pre-season to a game away. But, of course, the farther into the future it is, the more your future bet will payout if you wager correctly.

While they’re more difficult to discern, futures have the opportunity for big payouts if done right and early enough.


Teasers are a way to get slightly better odds for your buck, literally. In this variation of a parlay, the bettor can pay for additional points on their football betting lines, also known as point spreads. Of course, you can also add points to a total bet.

Teasers are a way of pushing odds slightly towards the bettor’s favor. It would be best if you still won all wagers within the teaser to win the big payout.

FAQ’s About Football betting in Florida

Why should I bet on football online in Florida?

Football is the most widely viewed sport in the United States. Its millions of followers have funneled into a lively and exciting online betting world. From the NFL to the NCAA, betting on football in Florida has tons of opportunities to join a money-making community.

How can I bet on football online in FL?

Generally, if you’re 21 years or older, you can create a football sportsbook account online in Florida today. You’ll be able to make different bets on your football games of choice off of this account. We recommend using one of the reputable football sportsbooks recommended above.

Is football a good betting market in Florida?

The sports betting industry has made over 1 billion dollars in the United States last year alone. Within that industry, football offers the most information, stats, and news over any other sport. By betting on football, you’ll have access to more information and, in turn, more opportunities to win.

What bets can I make on football in FL?

The most popular bets in online football betting are parlays, futures, moneylines, totals, point spreads, props, and teasers. More bets may be found on your football sportsbook page.

How can I win my FL football bets?

It’s vital to research up until the moment of your game. Keep track of player stats, team schedules, and broadcaster tips and commentary. A well-informed bettor is a better bettor.