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FOX Bet Florida Promo Code

If you’re looking for a sportsbook to join that will feature many of your favorite sporting events, you need to visit FOX Bet Florida to view its betting market. This betting platform has betting lines for nearly every sport you could imagine. FOX Bet sportsbook continues to exceed its members’ expectations; keep reading to find out why.

FOX Bet Florida review


You have likely heard the brand FOX Bet being brought up in the betting community. After all, this sportsbook is part of the FOX franchise, which is known worldwide. FOX Bet Florida is one sportsbook that’s worth checking out, mainly because they offer exclusive bonuses that can’t be beaten. These are some things about FOX Bet sportsbook FL this review will cover:

  • How to get the mobile app
  • What banking methods are accepted
  • What sports are available to bet on
  • How you can bet on your favorite sports
  • Bonuses and promotions to take advantage of
  • How to reach out to customer support
  • Benefits and features worth looking at

When you’re ready to join a sportsbook to find your favorite events to bet on, the FOX Bet sportsbook will likely have what you are after. This FOX Bet Florida review has all the information you’ve wanted to know.

Bonuses and promos for FOX Bet Florida

If all the betting options available at FOX Bet Florida aren’t enough to persuade you to join, these exclusive bonuses and promotions might be. Promotions are a great way to take your bets further, increase your odds, and see bigger wins.

Please note: FOX Bet is a highly competitive sportsbook, and they are constantly changing their incredible deals to keep up with what their members want. These promotions will only be available for a limited time and could change without notice.

FOX Bet welcome bonus in FL

New members will receive a special welcome bonus once they register with FOX Bet Florida and make their first deposit. FOX Bet sportsbook will provide them with a risk-free bet on their first bet. This means if they lose the bet, they will be credited back the amount for another chance to try.

Request a bet

Existing members of the FOX Bet sportsbook can request a free bet from the sportsbook. This is an excellent promotion because this free bet can be used on any betting line you would like.

Multiple bonuses for Florida

This bonus allows Florida sportsbooks members to receive bonus cash of up to 100% every time they win a bet with three or more sections.

How to get the FOX Bet app in Florida?


There is a very reliable FOX Bet sportsbook app that is available to download for people who use iOS and Android devices. Android users can download the app directly from the FOX Bet Florida website, while iOS users can find it in the Apple App Store.

Once users download the app, they will notice it provides the same quality betting experience as the desktop platform offers. Members can also register for an account with FOX Bet FL sportsbook directly from the app. In addition, they can manage all aspects of their sportsbook directly from this app, including deposits and withdrawals. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

What banking methods are accepted at FOX Bet Florida?


Many banking options are available for FOX Bet sportsbook members to make paying for deposits and collecting withdrawals easier. Let’s take a look at what options bettors have:

Please note: All members must deposit a minimum of $10 in the FOX Bet sportsbook.

Deposit options

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Instant e-check ; ACH e-check
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Play+ prepaid
  • PayNearMe
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller

Withdrawal options

  • Bank transfer
  • ACH or instant e-check
  • Skrill

What sports are available to bet on at FOX Bet Florida?


Once you make a deposit into your FOX Bet sportsbook, you’ll find many sports available to bet on. While major league sports are always popular on the betting lines, FOX Bet Florida features many options for its members. This includes college sports, virtual sports, and many annual events.

While football fans were excited to see nearly every college bowl event make it to these betting lines, other exclusive events made it into the betting lines. For example, people all over Florida were excited to see betting options for the Olympics, MMA events, and even horse racing.

Let’s take a look at some of the sports you can expect to find at the FOX Bet sportsbook FL betting lines:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Swimming
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • Esports; so much more

How you can bet on your favorite sports using FOX Bet Florida

There are many options ahead of you on the betting lines when you use the FOX Bet sportsbook. Each sport is different and may include some unique bets that are catered to the game. This is one of the features many people like about FL sports betting sites. Not only do they keep members in the loop with trending bets, but they also allow an assortment of custom bets.

Moneylines have always been one of the most common betting choices, especially for new members. It’s a very straightforward style of bet that only involves wagering on who will win. On the other hand, point spread gives bettors a chance to kick up their bet and bet on how many points the team will win by.

Members will likely find the options to place totals (or over-under wagers) against the total scare the sportsbook has listed. This allows bettors to choose if they think the final outcome will be over or under what the sportsbook suggested. However, FOX Bet Florida is most popular for its live betting options. Members can place prop bets on situations as the game is in motion.

Benefits and features for FOX Bet Florida


Before we wrap up, we should discuss some of the main benefits of a membership with FOX Bet for all your online sports betting needs.

  • Clean and reliable layout
  • Generous promotions and offers
  • Keeps members informed about their favorite sports and trending bets
  • More chances to win with odds boosts; bonuses
  • Fast registration process
  • Easy to make deposits
  • Quicker payouts

How to reach out to customer support at FOX Bet Florida?

Customer support for the sportsbook is available 24 hours a day through live chat. Simply fill out a form about the issue you are experiencing, and you will be connected to a live support agent. The customer support team is known for being friendly and efficient for all requests.

Members can also reach out to FOX Bet Florida by email directly from the website if their inquiry isn’t urgent. A member of the support team will respond to the email as soon as possible.

Bettors don’t always have to reach out to customer support for help either. There is a help section on the FOX Bet website that features a lot of helpful information. Players can also learn a lot from the frequently asked questions section.

FOX Bet Florida FAQ

Is FOX sportsbook in Florida a legitimate betting site?

FOX Bet FL is a legitimate sports betting site. They are 100 % legal and fully licensed to operate in Florida. This means that every event placed on its betting market is legal to bet on. However, since betting is always risky, bettors need to make sure they are only wagering money with legal sportsbooks.

How do I know I can trust my information with FOX Bet sportsbook Florida?

There’s an easy-to-follow trick that will teach you if any sportsbook is secure. Do you see the lock symbol in the URL bar beside the website’s address? That symbol means you are on a secure website, and all your information will remain private. FOX Bet sportsbook has proper security measures put into place.

Is FOX sportsbook a reliable site for new gamblers?

It’s important to know that there is always a risk associated with placing bets, whether new or experienced. However, for new gamblers, FOX sportsbook Florida is a great sportsbook to start out on. It’s a well-organized layout with many moneylines and totals options, which are the best choice betting styles for new members because of how straightforward they are.

What major events can I bet on at FOX Bet in FL?

FOX Bet Florida is the sportsbook for betting on major events. They have nearly every major league sports championship, like the NFL Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and NHL Stanley Cup. This sportsbook also features tournaments and championships for almost any sport that gets aired on tv. They even feature high coverage races and the Olympics.

How many years has FOX sportsbook been operating?

FOX Bet in Florida first launched when the brand took over BetStars. From the first day they launched, they have been committed to creating an above-average betting experience.