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FanDuel Florida Promo Code

This FanDuel Florida review will take a look at what is regarded as one of the best sportsbooks in the state. This FanDuel review will look at betting bonuses, customer support, available sports, and their betting odds.

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FanDuel sportsbook Florida review


This is a FanDuel review. In this review, we will look at what this sportsbook brings to the table for Floridians. But, first, we want to talk about whether this is going to be the right place for you to gamble.

We will discuss the various benefits that you can enjoy when you sign-up for the FanDuel Florida sportsbooks. We are going to talk about the betting odds at the site. We are going to tell you about the customer support that you can expect. We are even going to talk about the various betting bonuses that you have available to you.

Think of this as a complete overview of FanDuel. Since you are on this page, you are likely already a little bit tempted by what the site offers. We just want to give you a bit more information so you can make that final decision.

FanDuel sports betting bonuses in Florida


Sadly, unlike other sportsbooks, there isn’t a FanDuel deposit bonus available at the site. Although, this is fine. The additional bonuses offered at FanDuel in Florida are fantastic anyway.

Enhanced betting odds at FanDuel

FanDuel offers regular enhanced betting odds. Barely a day goes by where the site doesn’t offer at least a few enhanced betting odds. Of course, this will mostly apply to FanDuel betting in major leagues such as NFL, NBA, and MLB. However, if there isn’t a major event going on, you may be able to find enhanced betting odds available for the more minor sports.

Parlay insurance bonuses at FanDuel

This is one of the best betting bonuses available at FanDuel, although it is not always going to be available. When it is available, you may be limited to specific sports.

If you regularly place parlay bets, then you will be pleased to know that FanDuel offers insurances on parlays with five lines or over. If one line fails to come through, then you will get up to $25 in cashback. You can take advantage of this bonus up to 4 times per day!

Risk-Free betting bonus at FanDuel

FanDuel in Florida offers one of the best risk-free betting bonuses in the business.

If you sign up, you are given a $1,000 risk-free bet. There are limited restrictions on it, too, certainly better than no-deposit bonuses offered by other platforms.

With your $1,000 risk-free bet, you can place a bet up to $1,000 (using your cash). If it wins, great! If it loses? Well, you will be given the money that you spent back as bonus cash. This means that you are going to be able to make other bets on the site. Hopefully, those will end up being a bit more profitable for you.

FanDuel mobile app review


Most of you are likely going to want to be opening up FanDuel on your mobile device at least once or twice. Some of you may even gamble exclusively on mobile. So naturally, this means that you need a good mobile option.

The FanDuel mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

Everything that you can do on the main website of FanDuel (except deposit in Venmo) is available through their mobile app. The UI is tremendous too. Even though FanDuel has many sports available on their site, you will be able to find the bets you want to make in just a couple of taps of your screen.

You will be able to view the bets that you have made. You will be able to take advantage of betting bonuses. You will be able to deposit and withdraw from your account. FanDuel really has thought of everything.

FanDuel mobile site

If you don’t feel like downloading an app or have a Windows Phone, then using the FanDuel mobile site is viable. In fact, it is almost exactly the same as the app. You just have that one extra step to jump through.

All in all, FanDuel is brilliant when it comes to mobile betting.

FanDuel FL withdrawal and deposit methods


You can’t really gamble unless you have money sitting in your FanDuel account. If you win, you will need to be able to withdraw it too. So, now let’s take a look at the baking options available at FanDuel sportsbook.

Deposit options at FanDuel Florida

The primary way to get money into your FanDuel account is via credit/debit card. Unfortunately, the site does not accept American Express. However, they do accept Discover.

You can also deposit cash using Venmo, PayPal, wire transfer, and online banking.

Withdrawal options at FanDuel Florida

Withdrawal options are a bit more limited. Although, you still have Venmo, PayPal, bank transfer, and check options available to you.

Available sports and betting markets at FanFuel Florida


FanDuel has a wealth of different sports available on the site. It is almost impossible to list them all. Obviously, you have your major leagues in there, e.g., MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. You have the minor leagues available for some of these sports too.

On top of this, you have:

  • Soccer
  • Rugby (both league and union
  • Aussie rules
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Motorsports (including NASCAR and F1)
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

While the site focuses mostly on those leagues running in the US, they do have a few betting markets open for international events, too, particularly when it comes to soccer.

FanDuel features and benefits

Let’s start by giving you a quick overview of the various features; benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you sign up for FanDuel on a Florida sports betting site. We are going to be expanding upon these throughout the page. First, however, we figured it would be a great way to kick things off.

  • FanDuel app is available on both Apple and Android devices.
  • Live sports being streamed regularly
  • Risk-free betting bonuses
  • Huge parlay insurance bonuses
  • Great betting odds. This includes enhanced odds bonuses.

FanDuel Florida betting options

FanDuel offers a wealth of betting options. You have:

  • Moneylines
  • Prop bets
  • FanDuel over under markets
  • Point spreads

All of these bets can be added to a parlay (remember, you can take advantage of that FanDuel parlay insurance bonus if it is available!)

On top of this, you have an extensive collection of futures bets. Some of which are unique to FanDuel, i.e., we have not seen any other sportsbook offer these betting markets.

FanDuel also offers live betting markets for the vast majority of their sports to cap it all off. Minor events may just have moneylines available here, but major events may have dozens of markets available ‘live.’

FanDuel betting odds

It would be a disservice to FanDuel if we didn’t mention their betting odds in this review.

Now, no site is ever going to have the best betting odds consistently. However, FanDuel odds are pretty competitive. Most of the time, their odds are going to be better than other sportsbooks, particularly when it comes to major events. This can be great for those that are looking to squeeze a little bit of extra cash out of their bets.

Add in the FanDuel betting bonuses that involve enhanced betting odds, and this may just be the only sportsbook that you ever need to sign up to.

Customer support at FanDuel

Customer support at FanDuel is mainly dealt with through a ticketing system. This means that you drop them an email using their form and wait for them to respond. Depending on the complexity of your issue, it may take a few hours to a whole day to respond.

Of course, in most cases, you will probably not need to reach out to them at all. Instead, you can find most of the answers to your questions in their rather hefty FAQ.

FanDuel FL sportsbook review FAQ

How long does a withdrawal from FanDuel Florida take?

It is dependent on the withdrawal method. Most withdrawals should take 3-5 working days. However, if you withdraw via a check, it may take a little bit longer.

Can you bet on live sports at FanDuel?

Yes. Most events will have some sort of live betting market available on the site.

Can you live stream sports at FanDuel Florida?

FanDuel Florida has a contract with a variety of sports streamers. This means that they do have some minor events available for streaming. You will need to have money sitting in your FanDuel account to take advantage of this, though.

Does FanDuel offer MLB picks for all games?

Yes. There will be MLB betting options available for all games throughout the season. In addition, they will also offer an extensive selection of futures bets.

Does FanDuel offer international sports?

It depends on the event. FanDuel offers major international sports. However, they will likely not provide minor leagues in other countries.