Florida basketball betting

Welcome to the world of basketball betting in Florida. Here you will learn how you can bet on basketball, different strategies to help you win, and the best sportsbooks you should be using for these bets. Whether you are a complete betting newbie or you are seasoned, there is something new to learn here.

Getting started with basketball betting in Florida

To have the most success with basketball betting in Florida, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • The different ways you can bet on basketball
  • The different strategies involved in basketball betting
  • Reputable sportsbooks to use for basketball betting

Without understanding these basic things, your winnings will be slim. Luckily all the information you need is gathered here to help you get started.

Best sportsbooks in Florida for basketball betting


Knowing how to bet on basketball is half of the battle. You need a safe environment to place those bets, and committing to sketchy betting websites is not the way to go. Instead, look into secure sportsbooks that have a cultivated reputation.

The favorite sportsbooks for basketball betting in Florida have strong pillars to show you their worth, including:

  • Proudly displayed security measures and licensing
  • Available history
  • Bonuses
  • A variety of betting odds and lines
  • Online access
  • Fast payouts
  • An easy to navigate user interface
  • Stellar customer support and service
  • And also other sports options if you so choose

The Florida online betting sites listed below have all these things, like bonuses and other promos, for you to compare.

FOX Bet for basketball betting

If you are looking for a sportsbook that has excellent options for both college and professional basketball, FOX Bet Florida is a great option. They have markets on major NCAA events, such as March Madness, and make a point to offer lines on all NBA games.

BetRivers for basketball lines

BetRivers has fantastic special bets for college basketball games, but they also do a great job of live bet offerings. So for those wanting to up the stakes, live betting seems to satisfy that need.

BetMGM for basketball online betting

As one of the most prominent names in online sports betting, luxury giant BetMGM Florida has one of the most extensive selections of basketball betting options. You will not be disappointed with your chances to bet or the odds that accompany them.

DraftKings basketball odds

DraftKings Florida has some of the best offers for spreads and totals, but overall their lines are competitive across the board. If you need a sportsbook with a great sign up bonus and market for future bets, this is a strong choice.

FanDuel for basketball betting

On top of their fantastic signup bonus, FanDuel Florida has a superb mobile betting app that makes betting on the go a breeze. For example, you gain access to some of the best basketball betting lines simply by unlocking your smartphone.

Ways to bet on basketball in Florida


Understanding the different types of basketball bets is essential for having a good chance of winning. Of course, you can always guess the outcome, but the intricacies of each bet type give you something to focus on when doing research.

Listed below are the most popular and lucrative ways to bet on basketball in Florida.


A Moneyline bet is also known as a “to-win” bet, meaning that you are betting on which team you believe will win the game. This is the most straightforward bet in any sport, and while it might seem like 50/50, proper research can increase your odds of winning.

Moneylines are presented in a way that lets you know who the underdog is and how much you stand to win by placing a winning bet.

The underdog is indicated by a positive sign (+) followed by a number larger than 100. This number indicates how much money you stand to gain per $100 wager.

  • If the odds are +120, then you could win $120 for placing a winning bet of $100.

The favorite is shown using a negative sign (-), also followed by a number larger than 100, but this number indicates the amount you would need to bet to win $100.

  • If the odds are -120, then you would need to place a winning bet of $120 to win $100.

Moneylines are generally easy to place, especially if you stay updated on the teams playing.

Point spreads

Each team is assigned either a handicap or an assist in their final score with a point spread. To win the point spread, the team must cover the spread that you bet on.

A favored team gets hit with a handicap that diminishes their final points, so they must score enough to cover the handicap and win the game despite it.

The underdog usually receives assistance. This means that they may still lose the game, but if they can cover the point spread, then they win the bet.


With this type of bet, also known as a total bet, you do not need to determine who will win the game. Instead, the oddsmakers construct a predicted final combined score of the game, and you bet on whether the actual score will be over or under this number.

Prop bets

A prop bet is something that occurs within the game without directly affecting the end result of the game (the win). In basketball, these tend to be:

  • Who will get the jump ball
  • Who will score the most in x quarter
  • Who will score the most overall
  • Over/under on things like assists or three-pointers

These are popular because of their variety.

Future bets

A future bet is similar to a prop bet, but it covers an extended period of time (usually a season). For the most part, these revolve around:

  • Championship winners
  • Player awards
  • Statistic leaders

Future bets are more difficult to accurately predict the further out you place the bet, but a winning bet on day one is worth much more than a winning bet the week before it comes to fruition.

Live bets on basketball in Florida

Live bets on basketball in FL take place as the action occurs, and the surge in online Live betting has made them much easier to place. However, to place live bets successfully, you need to be quick to decide and process all variables.

You may only have seconds to submit a bet, so speed is essential to secure those wins.

Strategies for basketball betting in Florida


Guessing is not a strategy for betting; it is simply guessing. If you want to stand any sort of a chance at winning when betting on basketball in Florida, then you should employ some specific strategies.

The ones listed below go beyond typical betting strategies like staying up to date on statistics or managing your bankroll, but it is important to keep that foundation of responsible gambling stable as you dive deeper. Balance is important for momentum and keeping a level head.

Keep your basketball biases in check

Betting on your favorites is fine as long as your favorites stand a chance. Unfortunately, just because you love and support the Miami Heat does not mean they will win every game they play. To have a shot at winning when betting on basketball you need to keep any biases or preferences in line.

This goes for where you get your information as well. Look for commentators that give you a clear view of how things are happening, not someone who lets their personal beliefs influence the information they pass on.

Wishing does not win bets, but being able to form an informed prediction based on facts and statistics does. Leave your heart at the door when placing bets, and you will be sure to win quite a bit more than emotion-betting would get you.

Know the advantages of different shot types

Teams tend to rely on two different types of shots, so knowing how they score the majority of your points can influence how you bet on the game.

Three-pointers obviously give a team more points to work with, and it’s great if they score more than the average team. But, unfortunately, three-pointers also happen to be more difficult to land consistently, and losing a three-point scorer can devastate their chances of winning.

Points in the paint are more intense, but because of the intricate dances a ball performs before it gets to the hoop, they tend to be more successful.Also, thoughh blocking is easier, the distance is much less than a three-point shot, and players can score these with more consistency.

Pay attention to basketball team schedules

A team is less likely to win if their schedule lands them in one of these instances:

  • Back to back games
  • Away games
  • Long travel

Fatigue does not usually set in until after the initial month of the season, but after that teams are more likely to win their home games than they are any games they travel for.

You should also pay attention to how a team is performing on the road. Win streaks are real, so a team that is winning consistently is likely to do so.

On that same note, a team that recently had a devastating loss is more likely to win their next game. Again, this is likely due to an increased need to prove themselves, but it has been proven time and time again.

Understand moving lines

Betting lines will move if the public bets heavily in one direction. If you find a line that is leaning in a direction other than the one you would choose, this is a great opportunity for increasing your winning.

For the most part this happens when the public wagers with emotions and fails to take key details into account. If you have solid information that disproves the line moving in this way, then you need to jump on the bet.

Do not bet on a moving line if you do not know why it is moving, or you do not know why you would bet against public favor.

Check the lineups before placing bets

This one is so simple you are bound to forget it.

The bets you place rely heavily on individual influence in a team setting. For the most part, you expect certain players to be in the game to reach specific results.

Before you place your bets, you need to ensure that those players will be in the game. You could easily miss if someone is taking a break or out for injury, and the absence of these players might destroy your predictions.

Quickly reviewing the lineups before settling on a specific wager protects you from an easy loss.

FAQ’s About Basketball Betting in Florida

Is basketball betting legal in Florida?

Basketball betting was legalized in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis. As long as you can prove that you live in the state, you will be able to bet on basketball and many other sports.

Why do I see different ways of displaying odds for betting in Florida?

While you will normally see the American way of displaying odds (=/-100), you may also see them in a decimal or fraction format. These are derived from other regions in the world, but they still convey the amount you stand to gain depending on your bet.

What should I pay attention to when betting on basketball in Florida?

It is important to stay up to date on team AND player statistics when you get involved with basketball betting. Basketball is a team sport, so knowing how a player performs on their own does not give you the full image. You should also pay attention to any previous interactions between two teams if they are going head to head again.

What is the easiest basketball bet to get started in Florida?

For the most part, you can get quick success with Moneylines or over/under bets. Moneylines tend to be self-explanatory, and even without research, you may be able to determine a winner. Over/under bets have a low research load as well, but you have a better chance of success with some specific knowledge.

What types of bets should I avoid for basketball betting in Florida?

Tiered bets like parlays are best avoided. These are difficult to win because you need to make the right prediction in multiple instances, and getting one correct is pointless if you get the next one wrong. It is better to place two separate straight bets.