MLB Betting in Florida

MLB betting in Florida is now legal. However, if you plan to stake some cash on some MLB betting odds, you need a good sportsbook. With plenty of online betting sites out there, it can be tough to track down the right one for you. Let us help.

Getting started with MLB betting in Florida

A lot of people getting started with MLB betting in Florida are going to be completely new to the gambling scene. Unfortunately, this means that they may need a little bit of a helping hand when it comes to choosing MLB betting picks.

Before new gamblers can start to pick their MLB betting lines, they need somewhere to gamble. Thankfully, there will be no shortage of MLB betting sites that you can register for. The real difficulty comes in narrowing down the search. You need a site that offers great betting odds,

Once somebody has found a decent site to gamble, they need to ensure that they are making the right picks. This means reading MLB betting predictions from top tipsters. It means reading stats. It means reading betting news. Only then can somebody know that they are making a sensible bet that has a chance of winning.

Let us explain how to get started with MLB betting in Florida in a bit more depth.

Choosing a sportsbook for MLB betting in Florida


One of the most important things you will need to do at the start of your Florida Baseball betting adventures is to ensure that you choose the right Major League Baseball betting sites.

There are dozens of sportsbooks in Florida. Some of them brilliant, others not quite so much. We thought that we would share a few ideas that we feel could really help you narrow down your search. We want to give you a few tips that we really believe could help you to choose the best sportsbook for you.

The reputation of the sportsbook

We always suggest that you start by looking into what other punters recommend. Other people are already gambling extensively in Florida. You don’t really want to be retreading the same ground, do you? So, if you skip ahead to the next section, we will give you a couple of our favorite places for MLB betting in Florida.

The available betting markets

MLB is popular enough as a sport that nearly every single sportsbook is going to have MLB on offer. So this part isn’t going to be too much of a problem.

You still want to be on the lookout for the individual markets that they have available, though. For example, you are going to want to have the opportunity to gamble on as many games as possible. You want there to be live betting. You want there to be a ton of prop bets too. The more betting options, the merrier!

MLB betting odds

We are going to talk about MLB betting odds shortly. However, all you need to know right now is that your selected sportsbook needs to offer decent betting odds. The better the odds, the more you win!

MLB betting bonuses

MLB betting bonuses are extra incentives that you get for signing up to an online betting site. These will be your welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and enhanced odds promotions.

We would never recommend that you choose a sportsbook based on betting bonuses alone. However, it is still a good idea to keep an eye out for some of those extra incentives.

Mobile betting

A pretty simple one. If you plan to use your mobile device to gamble, you will want to choose a sportsbook that offers a mobile app or mobile site.

Banking options

These are ways to get your money in and out of your account. Obviously, you want to ensure that your select sportsbook will support the method that you have available to you. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem either.

Customer support

You probably won’t ever need to get in touch with customer support for a decent sportsbook. However, it is still nice to have them.

Best sportsbooks for MLB betting in Florida


As promised, we want to give you a helping hand when it comes to choosing a sportsbook. This means that we want to share a couple of places that we spend our time gambling. If you head to one of these places, you will have plenty of MLB betting picks to choose from.

It may actually be worth signing up for a few of these sportsbooks as you will see shortly. This way, you can be sure that you are taking advantage of the best betting odds.

FOX Bet MLB betting in Florida

FOX Bet is one of the best sportsbooks for MLB betting in Florida. They always offer competitive betting odds in a whole host of different MLB markets. They even offer regular enhanced odds promotions.

BetMGM MLB odds in Florida

BetMGM is a sportsbook that loves to reward regular gamblers. They have some great loyalty bonuses in place. So, if you are planning on gambling a lot, then it may be worth checking them out.

DraftKings Florida MLB betting

DraftKings has fantastic odds. If you love your live betting, then you are also going to find plenty of markets open.

Fanduel MLB sportsbook FL

Fanduel offers good odds. They offer a ton of prop bets too. The real highlight, however, is that they offer one of the best mobile sportsbooks in the business.

Betrivers MLB betting in Florida

Betrivers is a great place for futures bets. However, they also have a wealth of other bets available too. This includes a ton of markets for just about every MLB game.

How MLB betting odds work


One thing that can often confuse new gamblers will be MLB betting odds. They don’t know how they are calculated. They don’t know how to read them. So, let’s take a look!

How MLB betting odds are calculated

MLB betting odds are not just plucked from thin air. Instead, sportsbooks spend a lot of time running automated checks on team and player stats to work out the likely outcome from a game. It is this that will determine the initial odds.

Once the betting odds have been posted, the odds are in the hands of the punters. Betting odds will change with the way that people are gambling.

Due to the automated calculation of betting odds, it is impossible for a sportsbook to always have the best betting odds for MLB games. Therefore, you may need to check out a few different sportsbooks to get the best odds on the markets you want to be in.

How to read MLB betting odds

Sportsbooks in Florida will use the American odds display system. However, you can switch to other systems if you want. However, let’s assume that you are using the American odds system. This is how you read them:

  • A – before the odds indicate a favorite
  • A + before the odds indicates the underdog

In the case of futures bets, you may find that all of the bets have a + before them. This doesn’t mean that they are all underdogs. It is just the way that the futures market works. In this case, the lower the number, the more of a favorite that bet is.

How to calculate your MLB bet winnings in Florida

The easiest way to determine how much you can win is to add the bet to your betting slip. The sportsbook will tell you. Here is a handy guide so you can see your potential winnings at a glance, though:

  • If you see a favorite, this is how much you would need to stake to win $100
  • If you see an underdog, this is how much you would win if you staked $100

You can then calculate potential winnings based on your stake e.g. if you staked $10 on the underdog, then divide the number you see by 10.

Available MLB betting markets in Florida


Now, let’s talk about the types of bets that you can make in Florida.

Sportsbooks do come up with their own unique betting markets. So, this is not going to be an exhaustive list. It is just going to be an introduction to the bets that most new gamblers will want to get involved with.


If you want to choose just the straight winner for a game, then you need moneylines. Nearly every MLB game will have a Moneyline available.

Run lines

You won’t be getting the point spreads for MLB games. This is because MLB games are often decided by just a run or two. So instead, you have run lines. With a run line, you will be betting on the favorite to win by a certain number of runs (generally 1.5).

Let’s assume that you were betting on the run line of 1.5 and the Tampa Bay Rays are the favorite. If the Tampa Bay Rays won the game by a minimum of 2 runs, you walk away from a winner. If they don’t, then the underdog is classed as the winning bet.


Totals will often have you betting on the combined score for the two teams. Again, a rather simple bet.

Prop bets

Prop bets are the side bets. This is anything that doesn’t focus on the final result of the game. This means bets on individual events in the game. Again, this can be team or player-focused.

MLB games will never have a huge number of prop bets available as there aren’t that many things that can happen in the game. However, you can expect to see prop bets along the lines of:

  • Number of hits from a team
  • Number of errors made by a team
  • The number of players a particular bowler strikes out.

Futures bets

Futures bets look at what could happen over the course of the MLB season, e.g., winners of tournaments, etc.

Top tips for successful MLB betting picks


Let’s wrap up by giving you a few handy hints that we feel will help lead you to betting success:

  • Always research any bet that you place. This includes reading MLB news and stats.
  • Pay attention to professionals giving their MLB betting predictions. This can help guide you in the right direction.
  • Sign up for multiple sportsbooks if you plan on betting regularly. This will ensure that you can always enjoy the best odds.
  • Never bet from the heart, e.g., if you are a Miami Marlins fan, you should never bet on the Miami Marlins. This is to ensure that your judgment is not clouded.

It takes a while to get into the swing of gambling. However, we are confident that it shouldn’t be too tricky once you understand the ins and outs.

FAQs about MLB Betting in Florida

How old do you have to be for MLB betting in Florida?

You have to be 21 if you want to bet on the MLB in FL.

Do you need an ID for MLB betting in Florida?

Yes. You will either be asked for your ID during the sign-up process or at your first withdrawal. This is, so the sportsbook knows exactly who you are. This will have to be a photo ID issued by the state. The sportsbook will normally request that you scan the ID in and send it to them.

What is the maximum bet you can place for MLB betting in Florida?

It does depend on the sportsbook. Most FL sports betting sites shouldn’t have a maximum in place, though.

What are enhanced betting odds bonuses for MLB betting in Florida?

Enhanced odds are when MLB betting odds get a boost. This normally happens in the lead-up to the game as a sort of promotion. You are likely to see them appear for important games in the MLB season. They also tend to be prop bets.

Is live MLB betting in Florida available?

Yes. Most sportsbooks will offer some sort of live betting option. This means that you will be able to place various bets while the game is currently going on. This is sometimes known as live betting.