Events Betting in Florida

Gambling enthusiasts can now legally enjoy all forms of events betting in Florida. We will discuss where to go to choose the best sportsbooks that will provide entertainment to both seasoned and new gamblers. Additionally, we will give a few tips for newcomers so they can understand the odds and enjoy themselves.

Guide to event betting in FL

Now that you can legally indulge in event betting in Florida do your research and get ready for a string of events that you can enjoy. In this guide to event betting in FL, we will help you pick the best event sportsbooks with lines on your favorite sports, entertainment or other events. Along with numerous bonuses and promos that help you get an edge in your event betting.

How to choose the best sportsbooks for event betting in FL


Here’s how you can select the best Florida sportsbooks for you.

Check the reputation of the sportsbook you choose

We recommend only dealing with state-licensed operators that have stellar reputations in the industry. Otherwise, you expose yourself to potential scams or have a bad experience that spoils the overall fun of special event betting.

Technology and site design are crucial, as is multi-platform access

Go on to the site of a sportsbook you are considering and check their design. Good Florida sports betting sites will allow you to browse everything. Call customer service if you have questions.

Besides a good design, the site should be fast and responsive. Event betting, if live, will have millions of interested gamblers – you can’t afford to have your interactions be held up with slow interfaces and clunky design.

Finally, the site should be accessible via mobile apps, tablets, or desktops. App design is crucial.

Banking should be convenient

Every good sportsbook will let you transact with speed and convenience. Quick deposits and convenient withdrawals – via wire, ACH, PayPal, credit cards, etc. – are essential features.

Check for promotions while event betting in Florida

Newcomers should expect a wide range of promotional offers when signing up with sportsbooks. They will include some or all of the following:

  • Matching bonus on initial deposits up to a specific limit
  • Free bets – but do check the rules. For example, can you withdraw all your money (initial wager + win) if you win, or just the winnings?
  • Risk-free bets – where the house covers your losses up to an amount on your first real-money wager. Here again, check the rules. Is the refund in cash or through free bets?

In addition to introductory offers, there are bound to be special event-driven promotions. However, keep your eyes open, some promotions may only be available over a time window.

Never discount the value of customer service

Every good sportsbook will bend over backward to ensure that Florida gamblers find it convenient to bet on events. However, since there is always a chance of something needing to be resolved, it is critical to choose sites that have customer service reps who are accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Our recommendations for event betting sites in Florida


We recommend the following sportsbooks.

DraftKings event betting

DraftKings Florida is one of the most user-friendly sites, extremely reliable, and has loads of betting options.

Event betting with FanDuel

Special event betting on FanDuel Florida is always a trip, given that they focus on great promos and stellar customer service.


FOX Bet Florida, published by Star Media, promotes all significant events.

Betting on events with BetMGM

When looking at special events, you cannot beat BetMGM Florida.

BetRivers event betting

Another reliable sportsbook for those looking to bet on sporting, political, entertainment or world events. BetRivers Florida delivers on its promises.

Options for event betting in Florida


DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, FOX Bets, and Betrivers are our recommended sites that you can use to bet on events in Florida. You cannot go wrong with these. However, each sportsbook will offer different types of promotions and options – we will give you a rundown of the usual considerations.

There are a large number of events that will be covered by good sportsbooks like the ones we suggest. We will discuss some of the possibilities, but before that, let’s consider what factors may help you choose the right event and sportsbook in Florida.

Goals for betting on events from Florida

You should understand something at the outset. The odds are stacked in the house’s favor. With the vig factored in, any gambler would likely need to win between 55 to 60% of their wagers to make money consistently while betting on events.

The logic should make sense if you consider that in order to stay in business, all sportsbooks must make money. So, if you’re a newcomer to event betting in Florida, focus on the entertainment value of betting and the thrill of being deeply involved with live events.

From this standpoint, it makes sense not to lose too much money. Of course, experienced gamblers have a “system” in place, but how do you keep your pocketbook relatively safe as a newbie?

Here are a few tips that could help you:

  • Don’t keep large deposits available in your sportsbooks’ account, this reduces the chances of getting carried away.
  • Do not bet more than five percent of your total available funds on a single bet – it may be better to set a 1-2% limit till you get totally familiar with betting on events.

How does event betting work?


The types of bets that you can make depend on the events you may be betting on. Fortunately, there are a LOT of options for you and any other Floridians betting on events. They could be classified under different categories:

  • You can bet on sports events that include many dozens of options, including the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, NCAA Championships, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Golf, Tennis, Soccer Championships, major horse races, and track events.
  • There are many entertainment and music events to bet on – Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Razzies are all fair game. Besides the awards ceremonies, there are a slew of reality and non-Reality TV events to bet on. You can even bet on gaming events.
  • You can bet on political events or real-world events, such as the Miss World Contest, or even pick out Nobel Prize winners.

Each of these types of events has its own unique kinds of bets, though they tend to fall under variations of the standard betting types:

  • Straight wagers, such as Moneyline or linear results-driven bets.
  • Proposition and handicapped bets such as points spread, over/under, etc.
  • Special prop bets are often used in live betting, such as points scored in a quarter or half to even random events like entering the ring or getting up on stage first.
  • Parlay bets where you can win big by predicting the outcome of multiple events.
  • Future bets can be placed on events to take place months in the future.

We summarize some specific events and specify some of the bets you may be able to place in the table below.

Type of Bet:

Super Bowl

In a Super Bowl, there is every conceivable style of bet, both live and in advance. Straight wagers, prop bets and special bets, and promotions, with scores by quarter, by half, and many other bets can be made. Given the huge audiences involved, this is possibly the signature event for many. Even a COVID impacted year in 2021 saw viewership reach 96.4 million – it usually tops 100 million easily.

March Madness

March Madness is a rich venue for sports gambling in Florida. Given the length of the event, bets start by filling out the brackets. After that, every combination of bets – from Moneyline to points spread, over-under to parlay, and prop bets – is available for those betting on events in FL.


The Oscars are famous for providing extended betting odds in every category – both futures and live betting are entertainment personified.

e-Sports and Gaming Bets

Electronic sporting events are enormous these days. For example, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game like League of Legends or Dota 2 not only has colossal prize money purses, they open up the options for many different bets – from predicting the overall winner to the winner of a match. In addition, prop bets and handicap bets are also common.

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize announcements every year are an event that causes a great deal of speculation, given that there are half a dozen specific prizes for achievement. However, the most buzz is usually caused by the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Grammys, the MTV Music Awards, and other ceremonies offer popular alternatives to pick winners, albums, best male and female artists, so on and so forth.


One of the grandest events on earth, the possibilities for betting are limitless, with Moneyline, spreads, futures, and parlays. Props bets are also ever-present.

FIFA World Cup

The premier soccer event in the world features 32 teams, and every conceivable type of bet – both Western and Asian style odds included – can be had.

Reality and non-reality TV events

Reality TV events like American Idol or The Voice offer the chances to pick winners, those eliminated, male or female winners, those who survive a challenge, etc. Similar wagers can be made on TV series such as the Game of Thrones or Yellowstone, with a constantly evolving set of circumstances and cast of characters.

The examples above are just a few specific examples of events betting available to punters in Florida. Every major sportsbook will have odds on such events and run promotions that maximize enjoyment for gambling enthusiasts in Florida.

Live event betting is even more fun


Most major events will have books opened, and lines posted months in advance. For example, Super Bowl odds are often listed almost a year prior.

While you can certainly bet ahead of time, live betting on events provides an entirely different type of adrenaline buzz. Check out the promos from the major sportsbooks.

FAQs About Events Betting in Florida

Do the sportsbooks offer mobile apps?

Every one of the sportsbooks we recommend has fast and easy-to-navigate mobile apps.

How do I know if the sportsbook is licensed?

The information should be readily available, both from the office of the gaming commissioner and the website of the sportsbook itself. If you have queries, call their customer service before you start event betting in Florida.

Can I find live event betting options in Florida?

On major events, you are guaranteed to find live betting options with major sportsbooks such as the ones we have recommended.

If I’m a newbie, are you saying I should expect to lose money?

The chances are decent that the odds will favor the house while betting on events, though there could be an occasional super competitive bet or odds. So, it’s best to limit losses and focus on the entertainment value rather than winning or losing.

All these sportsbooks look good. Which should I choose?

Good sportsbooks will offer a wide range of options, both in terms of the types of bets and the odds offered, as well as the promotions. We recommend picking up multiple memberships – that way, you can pick and choose the best options available while event betting in FL.