Baseball betting in Florida

Good news for sports bettors: baseball betting in Florida is now legal. In today’s guide, we dive into everything you should know about baseball betting, including tips on where to gamble. We’ll also teach you about baseball betting markets, picks, and strategies, and then we’ll answer FAQs at the end.

How to bet on Baseball in Florida

We’ll guide you through the steps of getting started with baseball betting in Florida. But first, you need to choose an online sportsbook that offers baseball betting markets and opportunities. Then, the next step is to learn a bit about baseball odds and how to make bets on baseball games.

Then, you’ll want to learn some strategies for optimizing your baseball betting experience. We’ll share all this, and we’ll answer frequently asked questions about baseball betting in Florida. So stay tuned, and use the following to strengthen your baseball betting skillset.

Best sportsbooks in Florida for baseball betting


We’ll start with the task of choosing a sportsbook. When you start betting on baseball in Florida, you’ll need to browse legal sportsbooks with baseball markets and choose one. Below, we’ve briefly outlined five of the legal sportsbooks in Florida where you can enjoy baseball betting markets.

BetMGM baseball betting

At BetMGM, bettors can take advantage of various baseball markets, including 1st five innings, lines, parlays, and more. This is one of the top Florida sportsbooks and also big across the US, where it is legal. Look forward to a great mobile betting app and generous sign-up bonuses here.

FOX Bet baseball betting

A key selling point at FOX Bet is the chance to make personalized bets and use various promotions. Baseball betting includes US, Japanese, and Korean leagues and dozens of markets on games at any given time. And, there’s an excellent market for baseball futures picks at FOX Bet.

Baseball betting with Betrivers

At Betrivers, bettors get exciting opportunities to make their baseball picks throughout the season. It’s an online sportsbook complete with promotions and rewards, as well as a free mobile betting app for Androids. At Betrivers, you can take part in run line bets, money line bets, and more.

Draftkings baseball betting

One way that Draftkings sportsbook stands out from other sites is that it offers live in-game betting on baseball markets. In addition, there is VIP membership available, a generous welcome offer, and lots of regular promotions to use. Baseball betting at Draftkings includes American and international games and exciting bets like futures, props, and more.

Fanduel baseball betting

Fanduel has many exciting baseball betting opportunities, including weekly opt-ins, promotions, and live baseball betting. Fanduel is one of the top Florida sportsbooks; with membership, you can take part in rewards, mobile betting, and more. Enjoy the chance to bet on Japanese, Korean, and American games all season long.

How baseball betting odds work


Now that you’re aware of your Florida sports betting sites options, you should learn a bit about how baseball odds work. The odds aren’t too complicated, and you don’t have to be an expert, but knowing the basics will help you. The first thing to know about betting odds is that they are generally set by the sportsbook you’re using.

The odds are good to know when it comes to lines, such as money lines and run lines. In American odds, lines are set, where each team receives a number. One team receives a negative (-) number – the favorite; the opposing team receives a positive (+) number – the underdog.

Money line odds

Here’s an example of a money line scenario: The New York Yankees are the underdog (-115), and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favored (+104). So if you bet on the Yankees, you’d have to bet $115 in order to win a $100 payout (plus return).

But if you bet on the Dodgers, you’d only have to wager $100 to win the corresponding $104 (plus return). So as you can see, there is a line of numbers, but it revolves around a baseline of $100.

Run line odds

Online sportsbooks also set the run line odds. While other sports betting markets, like football or hockey, might have a point spread, baseball has the run line. Run lines indicate several points (runs) that a team needs to win or lose by.

This number is almost always + or – 1.5 when it comes to baseball. So if you bet correctly, you get a payout. But there is some distinction between bets you should know.

If you bet on the favored team, they have to win by at least two runs. But if you bet on the underdog, they just need to win the game or only lose by one run. However, note that some sportsbooks offer alternate run lines, where the number could be different (2.5 or 3.5, etc.).

Baseball betting markets in Florida


Now that you understand the odds let’s focus on a more simple aspect of betting – the markets. You have a lot of options when it comes to sports picks, including parlays, props, futures, live bets, and more. Choosing your preferred markets will give you a sense of direction in baseball betting.

Having a direction will improve your bankroll so that you can make valuable bets overall. That said, take a look at some of the most popular baseball markets below. Then, we’ll highlight the terms of these bets and how they work at most sportsbooks.

Live bets

While live betting isn’t offered at every online sportsbook, some sites let you take your chances at in-game wagers. Live bets are just as their name suggests. They are opportunities to place a wager even after a game has started, guiding your predictions with real-time stats.

Some sportsbooks offer live betting on mobile apps, which makes the experience even more convenient. You can even live-stream these events for live betting on specific online betting sites. The advantage to this market is clear; bet with knowledge that others might not have had before the game started.

Prop bets

Prop bets, also known as proposition or special bets, are exciting and unique markets. It’s surprising how many options there are for prop betting in baseball. The variety of opportunities comes down to two categories, though – player props and team props.

A prop bet, in essence, is a bet predicting that a certain thing will happen during a game. Contrary to lines, prop bets aim to predict just about everything except the game’s final outcome. What makes them, so fun is that you don’t need extensive knowledge of odds to make these wagers.

Some examples of baseball props might look like:

  • Player X will strikeout in the first three innings of the game
  • Team X will acquire Y number of runs within the 8th inning of the game
  • Pitcher X will win the Cy Young Award

Parlay bets

Parlay bets are sometimes referred to as combination bets or multi-bets. A parlay bet is actually multiple bets combined on one single wager. You can place parlays at most major online sportsbooks, and what’s great is that you customize them.

The thing to remember about parlays is that the more bets you add, the more you increase your risk. The thing is that if even one of your bets is wrong, you will lose your wager and the bet. But, on the other hand, if you win (by winning all bets), you face the promise of a bigger payout.

An example of a parlay in a single game might look like this lineup:

  • Bet on the money line
  • Bet on the run line
  • Bet on the total (over/under)

On the other hand, a parlay on multiple games would include three separate bets on the money line winner of three different games going on at the same time.

Money line bets

As mentioned in the odds section, money lines require a bit of knowledge about odds and picks. The key thing to know about money lines (straight bets) is that you want to pick the correct winner of the game. If you can do this, you can achieve a payout; it’s a pretty simple type of bet.

You’ll need to choose to bet on either the favored or underdog team; each choice has a different payout outcome.

Run line bets

As mentioned previously, run lines also require some knowledge of odds. This bet is similar to a point spread in other sports. But here, you want to correctly predict a margin of runs a team will win or lose by. If you can do so, you could win a big payout.

Totals (over/under) bets

Totals are another common sports bet that many people enjoy since you don’t have to know which team will win. Instead, the sportsbook sets a “total” here, which refers to a total combined number of runs among the two teams. Your job is to correctly predict whether the actual game total will fall over or under that number.

If you get it right, you get a payout. Further, these over/under bets are also popular in baseball for individual players’ runs or for specific teams’ runs. If you consider yourself good with team or player stats, the latter over/under bet may suit your style.

First five innings bets

First five bets are truly unique to baseball betting. You won’t find this bet in other sports because it’s all about the first five innings of a baseball game. So you need to correctly predict which team will be in the lead at the end of the first five innings.

Any runs scored after that point do not count towards this bet’s outcome. So this one is really a bit of a toss-up for bettors. But if your sportsbook offers live betting, it could put you at an advantage.

Futures bets

And of course, we couldn’t Not mention futures. They’re placed earlier in the season (or at its start) regarding the final outcome of a series or long-standing event. Many people are familiar with MLB futures, where you predict the final winner of the World Series.

There are also futures regarding which teams reach the finals or win for their divisions. And, you can bet on what exact outcomes will be. Note that some sportsbooks even let you bet futures on baseball award winners, like MVP.

Strategies for baseball betting in FL


Some of the best strategies for baseball betting include:

  • Do your research and shop around for different odds. Different sportsbooks will offer varying odds on other games. You may have an advantage somewhere you wouldn’t expect.
  • Take notice of which teams are on winning streaks. It may seem like too obvious of a strategy, but baseball teams tend to make their streaks last a while.
  • Think about the pitchers and umpires. Pitchers and umpires both tend to have patterns in the way they perform, and fans and the media sometimes influence it. It’s not a surefire trick, but it helps inform your bets.
  • Make valuable bets. Valuable betting is the opposite of betting on as many games as possible. Use research, statistics, detailed info, and other factors to inform solid betting choices.

FAQ’s About Baseball betting in Florida

What does “Pythagorean wins” refer to in Florida baseball betting?

This stat is the number of wins a team should have based on their number of allowed vs. scored runs. Some people think that this stat shows you how teams are performing to know which is the value pick.

Does the weather make a difference in Florida baseball betting?

Yes, weather can make a difference in how players perform. High winds and heavy heat can cause even the best players to underperform. Further, severe weather can delay games, which may throw off a team’s or player’s performance.

Should I bet on baseball favorites?

Favorites, or teams favored by fans and the public, are often a low-value pick in baseball. This is because oddsmakers set the lines so that you don’t get a big payout even if these teams win. Of course, you could bet on them, but it may not be the best choice, just because they’re likely to win.

Are there lots of opportunities to bet in baseball?

Yes, baseball presents hundreds to thousands of betting opportunities each season. This is because games get played every day, with over 2,000 games in a given season to choose from.

Is it safe to bet on baseball in Florida?

Yes, sports betting is completely legal in Florida to those at least 21 years old. As long as you choose a licensed and regulated sportsbook, you are good to go like the ones mentioned above.