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Hard Rock sportsbook Florida Promo Code

Hard Rock sportsbook Florida supplies bettors the opportunity to bet on their favorite sport or event. Even though this betting operator does not offer the most impressive features and betting markets, Hard Rock sportsbook FL stands out because of its numerous bet types and convenient playing experience for all bettors, no matter the type of game you want to put your money down on.

Review of Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


In this review, we are going to learn about Hard Rock sportsbook Florida from all perspectives, including their big hits and minor misses. Anything you need to know before selecting Hard Rock sportsbook FL as your preferred play betting operator will be looked at here. Read on if you want to learn more about the following aspects of this Florida sportsbook:

  • Hard Rock sportsbook FL bonuses and promos
  • App and website playing experiences
  • Features and benefits
  • Banking methods
  • Betting markets
  • Sports markets
  • Customer service
  • FAQs

Hard Rock sportsbook Florida bonus offerings

Hard Rock sportsbook Florida bonus codeNone
Deposit bonusUp to $1000 match bonus
Risk-free bet$100 risk-free bet

Hard Rock sportsbook in Florida offers a welcome bonus for all new customers. If you are looking for a Hard Rock sportsbook promo code, you will not find one, though. The site does not require a code to cash in on their bonuses to make things more convenient for new bettors.

Despite not requiring a code, this site’s promotion is a two-parter, allowing you to cash in twice when signing up with this Florida sports betting operator.

Whenever you first sign up, you can claim a complete cash match on your first deposit of up to $1000. In more simple terms, this promo means that Hard Rock sportsbook Florida will provide an equal amount of bonus cash the first time you add funds into your account, essentially doubling your money. Note that they will only match your deposit amount up to $1000.

On top of the first welcome bonus, new players also receive a risk-free bet worth up to $100 on the first bet. So, the betting site will refund up to $100 if your bet loses. Of course, in the case that you win the bet, you get your winnings as usual.

How to use the welcome bonus at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida

In order to use the welcome bonus, you must first sign up with Hard Rock sportsbook. In order to sign up, you need your name, birth date, physical address, email address, cell phone number, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

You will also need to provide a security question to keep your account safe and accept the site’s terms and conditions. It is important to provide only accurate information to confirm your identity, allowing you to play as expected.

After you create your account, Hard Rock sportsbook Florida’s deposit bonus requires you to play the cash through 20 times before withdrawal, and you must do this within a 14 day period. As for your risk-free bonus, it only applies to your first bet, and you must make it within a week of your first deposit.

Review of the mobile app at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


Hard Rock Florida provides both a mobile and desktop gaming experience. Like other betting sites, Hard Rock sportsbook FL’s app and website have nearly identical layouts. This fact makes it easy to navigate both platforms if you are familiar with only one of them.

In comparison to other betting sites, Hard Rock sportsbook Florida does not have a strong app design. The layout of the app is really awkward on your phone, which means you have to zoom in very frequently. Although you get the hang of this app quickly, it is a bit annoying at first.

Luckily, the app does not crash often and is pretty reliable. Plus, the live betting page is fast-acting, especially if you have a great network with decent reception. These benefits help to make the awkward screen a bit more manageable, but the app still is not phenomenal. Instead, it is just okay – not terrible but not great either.

Hard Rock sportsbook Florida website

Even though the app is not phenomenal, playing on Florida’s Hard Rock sportsbook site is pretty simple. Although the name of the betting site conjures up pictures of wild concerts, the website is not flashy in the best way possible. Instead, it is very simple and easy to use.

Features and benefits of Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


Unfortunately, Hard Rock sportsbook Florida does not offer many features and benefits. Instead, this website is fairly simple and offers relatively minimal benefits. Two of the benefits of playing on this site are the Refer A Friend promo.

Refer A Friend promo

The only promotion that Hard Rock Florida sports betting site offers all the time is the Refer A Friend promotion. Whenever players refer a friend to the betting site, they are eligible to receive $10 in bonus cash.

The catch of this promotion is that you do not get the $10 unless the person you referred deposits at least $20 and wagers $20. So unless you were able to convince your friends to put down $20 on this betting site, you would not get $10, no matter how many links you send out.

The fine print behind this Refer A Friend promotion is basically the same for every site. Still, it is disappointing that the Refer A Friend promotion is the only promo that Hard Rock sportsbook Florida offers regularly.

Other promos

There are some other promos you can find on occasion with Hard Rock sportsbook. For example, the site offers a $25 risk-free bet whenever you get three winning picks in a row. That risk-free bet jumps up to $50 once you get five in a row. Of course, these earnings keep increasing with more straight wins:

Number of straight picksRewarded risk-free bet amount
3 straight picks$25
5 straight picks$50
10 straight picks$100
15 straight picks$200
20+ straight picks$500

Once you get 20 or more straight picks, you also get 25% cashback on any of your net losses for 30 days.

Banking methods at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


Hard Rock sportsbook Florida provides a number of banking methods for players. Not only are there several banking methods to choose between, but the website and app are completely secure and safe to manage your funds on.

Hard Rock sports betting deposits

You can deposit money in your Hard Rock sportsbook account in six ways:

  • Credit card
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at the casino location

The deposit minimum for each of these methods is $10, except for PayPal. The deposit minimum for PayPal is $20 instead.

Hard Rock sports betting withdrawals

Unfortunately, there are very few ways to withdraw your funds. You can only withdraw your funds with three methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • ACH
  • Cash at the casino location

The ACH method will be the fastest, but you should expect your withdrawal to take a couple of days to hit.

Betting markets and sports offerings at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


Even though Hard Rock sportsbook FL does not offer the most promos or withdrawal methods, they have plenty of sports to choose from. Below is a list of sports you can bet on with Hard Rock sportsbook:

  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • MLB
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • NBA
  • NCAA basketball
  • NCAA football
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

As you can see, there are quite a few sports to choose from when playing on this betting operator. Note that this site does not offer many betting options for niche or more specific sports. If you are interested in sports not as common in the states, you will likely need to go to a larger betting operator instead.

Types of bets available at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida


Hard Rock sportsbook FL allows you to wager with the following bets:

  • Futures
  • Live betting
  • Moneyline
  • Parlay
  • Point spread
  • Props
  • Round robin
  • Straight
  • Totals

Live betting features at Hard Rock sportsbook FL

The live betting feature is especially noteworthy on this betting site. With live betting, you can place your wagers even as the game is in process. Many bettors like taking advantage of live betting because it means they can see the flow of the game before slapping down any money.

Surprisingly, Hard Rock sportsbook FL offers live betting for nearly every sport we mentioned above. This is a major benefit of the site since most betting operators only offer live betting on major events or the most popular sports.

One downside of in-play betting at Hard Rock sportsbook is that they do not offer as many advanced statistics as their competitors. This may make it more difficult to make an educated decision about your bet.

Customer support


Getting in contact with the Hard Rock sportsbook Florida customer support is not very difficult. They offer quite a few customer contact lines so that you can get your questions answered in whatever method you prefer. In addition, you have the option to email, call, or live chat with customer service representatives.

If you are interested in a live chat, the Hard Rock sportsbook FL website has a help button at the bottom left corner. Click on this button. Live chat is not always available. When it is not available, you will type in a message to get your question answered via email instead.

The fact that live chat is unavailable 24/7 is inconvenient, but at least the site lets you know when they are unavailable and offers an easy alternative when the chat is down.

FAQ about Hard Rock sportsbook Florida

Is Hard Rock sportsbook Florida legit?

Yes. Hard Rock sportsbook FL is completely safe and legit. This sports betting operator is trusted all throughout the United States because of its extra security and safety measures.

Why does Hard Rock sportsbook FL require my SSN?

All sports betting operators within the United States are required to get the last four digits of your Social Security number to confirm your identity and age. This information is used to determine if you are of legal age to bet in the state.

What is the fastest withdrawal method at Hard Rock sportsbook Florida?

Bank transfer and ACH or e-check are the fastest withdrawal methods at Hard Rock sportsbook FL. They take at least 48 hours.

What credit cards are accepted at Hard Rock sportsbook FL?

The only two credit cards accepted at Hard Rock sportsbook FL are Visa and MasterCard. This is the same as most other operators in the state.