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WynnBET Florida Promo Code

Even though WynnBet Florida is a relative newcomer to the sports betting world it’s already a huge fan favorite. That’s what happens when you have the backing of the legendary Wynn Resorts and Casinos, though. You also get great odds, great betting choices, a polished mobile app, and top-tier customer service.

WynnBet Promos Florida


Other promos (including seasonal and time sensitive promos) are available from this sports betting site, too.

Daily promotions and currently active weekly promotions are going to be labeled directly on the main page of the WynnBet FL app and the digital site. You’ll always know exactly what kind of betting action you have available to pick and choose from.

WynnBet fans that like to bet on playoff games, season openers, championship matches, or tournaments will almost always find a promo that is currently active to boost odds, to improve payouts, or to tilt the scales in a player’s favor.

Just be sure to keep checking back on the WynnBet promo scroll to find out what is currently available.

WynnBet FL promo codes

On the WynnBet Rewards side of things you are immediately tied into the traditional Wynn Resorts and Casino rewards program as soon as you become a member here.

Basically you’ll get credit for every dollar that you wager, including free bet and sports betting bonus money as well as special “comps” and perks that you’ll be able to leverage at any of the Wynn properties around the world.

It’s never a bad thing to burn some cool real world points and rewards like this from your online sports betting action promo codes!

Bonuses at WynnBet Florida


There isn’t a sports betting platform on the planet that doesn’t offer different bonuses and different promos to entice new members. WynnBet FL is no exception.

There are a couple of really cool bonus and promo deals you’ll be able to pick up on this platform, but it’s the reward system that really makes this sportsbook shine.

WynnBet Florida sign up bonus

On the WynnBet bonus for new accounts side of things you’ll be able to get up to $1000 in free bet protection on your first wager – all without having to use any bonus code, any promo code, or anything else, really.

You’ll qualify immediately just by depositing at least $20 into your account straightaway and by betting at least $20 (and up to $1000) on your first bet.

The really cool thing here is that this WynnBet promo puts you in a real “win-win” kind of situation.

On the one hand, if you come away a winner with your wager you are going to cash it just like you would have normally. There’s nothing wrong with that!

On the other hand, though, if you lose while this WynnBet bonus is active all the money that you wagered – up to $1000 – is immediately redeposited into your account. You’ll be able to place wagers with it almost straight away (though you won’t be able to withdraw it like you would traditional winnings). Not bad, right?

WynnBet Review Florida


In this WynnBet Florida review we are going to break down all the different things that people love about this sports betting site – as well as the few drawbacks that some people aren’t all that pleased with. By the time you’ve finished this detailed review you’ll know:

  • What kind of bonus and promo offers are available here
  • How the WynnBet FL app stacks up against the competition
  • The specific special features and benefits that help this sports betting site stand apart
  • The betting options and betting markets you’ll have to pick and choose from
  • How the banking choices here help you get money into and out of your account quickly and safely

Best of all, you aren’t going to have to spend a lot of time cruising through this detailed WynnBet Florida review, either.

We’ve really worked hard to condense things down, simplifies much as possible, and still share all of the inside info you need to make the right choice about this being your sports betting site moving forward. Ready to get started?

Review of the WynnBet Florida mobile betting platform

Now let’s talk a little bit about the mobile app from this Florida sportsbook, shall we?

First of all, when you’re talking about a company that has this kind of track record and this kind of history you know that they are going to pull out all the stops to develop something premium. The WynnBet FL app definitely fits the bill there.

The whole thing is super polished, foolishly fast, and as secure as you need it to be. This is very much a premium experience from top to bottom, and it’s not hard to feel like a VIP with this online Florida sports betting site the second you boot it up – even the first time!

Best of all, you’ll be given all of the tools you need to access the entirety of this digital sportsbook right from these iOS and Android apps. The WynnBet website isn’t currently available to take wagers the way that the mobile apps will, so this is going to be your “one-stop” shop. The digital betting slip available here is very well done.

There’s a lot to like, not only in the way that this slip keeps track of all of your wagers but also in the way that it lets you know what your current odds are of going home with a winner on each pick.

You’ll be able to add wagers to your slip with ease, check your winners and your losers, and analyze your picks in a way that you can’t do on other Florida sportsbooks.

At the end of the day, this gives you a huge advantage – especially since you can break down your tendencies, your strategies, and your wagers to find out what works (and what doesn’t). It isn’t going to take you very long to become a much better sports bettor when you’re using this platform.

WynnBet FL features and benefits


The biggest benefit of using the WynnBet Florida sportsbook as to be the fact that it is owned and operated by such a legendary and trustworthy company in the sports betting arena.

Wynn is a top-shelf name, responsible for some of the best casinos and physical sportsbooks in the “real world”. The fact that they hit a homerun with their digital sports betting platform comes as a surprise to no one. On top of that, the lines that you are going to have access to when you become a member here are almost unbeatable.

We are talking about the same kinds of lines you would get out of the biggest and most active Las Vegas sportsbooks. This is a real trendsetter kind of operation, a bookie that sets the lines everyone else sorts of adjusts to.

Finally, the overall simplicity and elegance of the WynnBet FL app is a huge bonus, too.

You aren’t going to have to fight the mobile app the way you might have elsewhere just to make the kinds of wagers you are looking for. You also aren’t going to have to dig into all different kinds of sub-windows and submenus to get access to these wagers.

Locking things is really simple – just a tap or two away most of the time. It doesn’t take long until you’ll wonder why other sportsbooks can make things that this simple.

WynnBet Florida betting markets

We would love to tell you that this sports betting site offers more markets than any other option out there, but that’s not really the case. Yes, you’ll be able to get into all of the major professional and college sports in the United States – including those from the “Big Four” (the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB).

And yes, you’ll be able to get into a lot of international sports as well – including some that you may not have ever heard of before.

But when you compare the betting markets here against all of the other options out there, especially when you stack up the different kinds of wagers you can pick and choose from, WynnBet Florida comes up a little light.

There are still 15 different markets available to pick and choose from, though, so it’s not like you are going to be completely disappointed. Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of markets available to bet on today at the WynnBet sportsbook FL:

  • Auto racing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis

Betting options from WynnBet FL

As mentioned a moment ago, the betting variety from this platform isn’t quite as diverse as some of the other competing options in the industry today. At least not quite yet, though.

It’s important to remember that this is still a pretty young bookie all things considered – and all indications are that the WynnBet Florida platform is only going to get better and better as time goes on.

Right now you’ll be able to place at least 20 to 30 different kinds of wagers on pretty much every NFL game, and that’s about standard across the board with all the rest of the sports and games you can bet on. You’ll be able to get into moneyline wagers, spreads, and over/under style bets without any trouble.

You’ll also be able to get into teasers, parlays, tournaments, and round-robin style wagers, too. Almost unlimited prop bet options are available for everyone to pick and choose from. But that’s about it.

Not a bad start, for sure, but not exactly the game-changer that some people might be expecting from this particular bookie right now.

WynnBet Florida banking options


An area that WynnBet Florida absolutely smashes right out of the park, though, has to be when it comes to their banking options. Getting your money into (and later out of) your account shouldn’t ever be a headache or hassle, and with the WynnBet sportsbook FL platform, it won’t be.


All deposits are pretty much instantly deposited right into your account, sometimes even before the actual banking method itself records the transaction. Here’s a quick rundown of the different kinds of banking choices you’ll be able to use for deposits:

  • All major debit and credit cards
  • Online bank transfers and ACH/eCheck transfers
  • Play+ prepaid cards
  • Cash at the cage for all participating casino.


Withdrawals are going to take a little bit longer, unless you go with the Play+ prepaid card – in which case they are just as fast as your deposits are.

In most circumstances, though, you are going to be waiting a day or two for your withdrawals to clear. Sometimes (like in the case of paper checks) you’ll be waiting even longer than that.

  • Paper checks physically mailed to you
  • Electronic bank transfers and ACH eChecks
  • Play+ prepaid cards
  • Cash at the cage for all participating casinos

WynnBet FL customer service


As expected, WynnBet Florida has some of the best customer service you are going to find anywhere in the industry today. All customer service options are available on a 24/7 basis. Phone support can be reached directly by dialing 1-800-994-8448, anytime, day or night.

Live chat support is available directly through the mobile applications. All you have to do is click on the Contact section and then hit the “live chat” option and you’ll (almost instantly) be connected to someone that can help you right then and there. Email support is available, too. Just expect it to take at least a day or two for someone to respond.

FAQ WynnBet Florida

Is it safe to sign up for sports betting on the WynnBet platform?

This online sportsbook is run by one of the biggest and most reputable Casino and resort companies on the planet. This bookie is legitimate and totally safe.

Can I bet on any games I want when I join WynnBet?

You’ll be able to bet on any of the games that this sportsbook makes available straightaway.

How do I get money into and out of WynnBet in FL?

Getting your money into and out of the WynnBet sportsbook platform is easy and fast, with plenty of different options to suit your needs and your risk tolerance levels.

How do I track my wagers and winnings on WynnBet?

The digital betting slip is going to do a good job of keeping track of all of your individual wagers as well as all the money you’ve won or lost.

Can I sign up for WynnBet through the mobile app in Florida?

You sure can! In fact, the easiest way to sign up for this bookie is to use mobile apps.