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Unibet Florida Promo Code

Unibet Florida is a relatively new sportsbook in the US, but not a relatively new sports betting platform. No, this platform has been around in Europe for quite a while and has really built up a top-tier reputation. You’ll be able to jump right into global betting action as soon as you create your account here.

Unibet FL promotions


There are multiple other special Unibet bonus and Unibet promo offers available from this Florida sports betting site, too. They are just as important to highlight in this detailed review.

These bonuses and promos are regularly rotated in and out with very little rhyme or reason, outside of closely matching up with whatever the current sports season is right now.

Unibet Florida promo code

For example, you’re going to get a lot of football promo codes during the NFL season right on through the Super Bowl. As soon as basketball season kicks off, though, you’re going to start seeing plenty of those promo codes as well – and it won’t be until spring training that you see baseball promo codes in the mix.

On top of that, you have Unibet Florida promo code offers that look like these:

  • $100,000 Parlay – Players are invited to create a six team parlay, and as long as they bet at least $10 (or more) they qualify for a $100,000 prize if every leg in that parlay is one by at least a 9.5 point margin
  • Parlay Booster – These kinds of boosters usually are rolled out on a weekly basis and increase a parlay payout. Three leg parlays see their payouts boosted by 10%, four leg parlays see a 20% boost, and five leg parlays see a 30% boost.
  • Happy Hour – These special hour-long boosters usually involve the local hometown teams, which means you’ll see boost for teams like the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Florida State Seminoles.
  • Weekly Deposit Reload – Every single Thursday (like clockwork) Unibet Florida players get a 25% deposit bonus good for up to at least $50 when they reload their account

Unibet Florida bonuses


While every sports betting site on the planet today offer some kind of bonus for special promo offer the Unibet platform is a little unique.

For one thing, you very rarely have to use any Unibet bonus or Unibet promo code to gain access to these special rewards. Most of time they are automatically activated or you activate them with just a tap in the Unibet FL app.

Secondly, there are multiple tiers of bonuses and promo offers that you’ll have access to as a Unibet sports betting member.

Sometimes you’ll be able to stack if and bonuses and different promos together, combining them to create even bigger offers and even more lucrative bonuses than you’d find anywhere else. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the Unibet promo structure right now.

Welcome bonus Unibet Florida

As a new account holder on Unibet you are going to enjoy a two-tiered welcome bonus. Right out of the gate, you’ll get two risk-free wagers without any strings attached – so long as you deposit at least $10 into your account.

The cool thing about this risk free wager offer, though, is that unlike other Florida sportsbooks that match your wager up to a certain amount you’ll actually get extra free bet money as well as a risk free wager match.

Unibet FL signup bonus

For example, let’s say that you wager $500 on your first bet. If you win, you go home a winner just like you would have no matter what kind of promo was in place.

If you lose, though, you are going to get all of your money up to $500 deposited back into your Unibet account – but you’re also going to get a free $50 extra to bet, too. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, does it?

Review of Unibet Florida app


Because Unibet has been in operation for quite a while now they have one of the most polished mobile betting applications on the planet. Available 100% free of charge for both Android and iOS users (found directly in their respective app stores), these apps are fast, secure, and really well-designed.

For starters, the navigation on the Unibet FL app is about as elegant as it gets. You won’t have to dig very far into the mobile app to find the kinds of betting markets, betting options, or wagers that you are looking for.

Built with speed and security in mind, you’ll find that the Unibet Florida application absolutely flies (even on older hardware) but never compromises your personal, private, or payment data.

Live betting is well done, the digital betting slip is really easy to break down and understand, and the odds are continuously updated in real time so that you never miss a chance to lock in some red-hot opportunities.

All in all, this is a solid (if not spectacular) mobile betting app that stacks up well against the rest of the competition.

Unibet sportsbook Florida app


In this detailed Unibet sportsbook FL review we are going to cover (almost) everything you need to know about what makes this sports betting platform so great – as well as the handful of things it could probably improve upon.

By the time you finish our detailed review you’ll better understand things like:

  • What kind of Unibet bonus and promo offers you can expect going forward
  • How the Unibet FL app stacks up against competing options
  • The standout features and benefits of this platform
  • How the betting options and betting markets here compared to the rest of the industry

… And that’s just the beginning!

At the end of this breakdown you should have a great idea of whether or not this is your new home for sports betting action in the state of Florida.

Unibet FL features and benefits


The Unibet bonus and promo offers are some of the coolest features on this sports betting site.

The $100,000 Parlay Offer and the Happy Hour Boosts in particular are some of the coolest bonuses we’ve ever seen. Having the chance to really hit it big on a parlay is always exciting, and getting a boost to bet on the hometown teams – maybe your favorite teams here in Florida – is never a bad deal, either.

Combine that with a multitude of banking options, a really well done mobile app, great live betting opportunities, and plenty of betting markets to jump into (not just in the US but around the world) and it’s easy to see why this sportsbook is so popular right now.

Unibet Florida betting markets

Speaking of betting markets, let’s dig a little bit deeper into those betting markets right now. While other sports betting sites (especially here in Florida) like to focus only on a handful of different betting sites, Unibet Florida takes a different approach.

Sometimes it even feels like there are almost too many different betting markets available to pick and choose from!

Not only are you going to be able to bet on the “old standards” – markets like the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and the NHL – but you’re going to be able to bet on more exotic, more niche, and more international markets as well.

Unibet Florida sportsbook sports

In fact, the Unibet sportsbook FL platform might be the only place where you can put money down on an NBA basketball game and at the same time have money on World Champion ice hockey, Six Nations rugby, and Asian table tennis competitions all at the same time. It’s pretty wild!

All in all, you are going to have access to more than 25 plus sports markets – and literally dozens of “niche” markets in each and every one of those categories, too.

We are talking about markets like:

  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Olympics
  • Racing sports
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Traditional tennis
  • Volleyball

Betting options from Unibet FL


You’ll have plenty of opportunities to place the kinds of wagers you want to place here on the Unibet Florida platform, too.

All the “old favorites” are available – moneyline bets, point spread bets, over/under bets, and other classics are always available on pretty much every game, tournament, and match available in this book.

Unibet Florida markets

Parlays can be custom-built, teasers are popular with NFL and NBA action, and tournament as well as round robin style betting is available, too. You’ll have access to more team and player prop bets than you could have imagined!

Combine that with great live in play betting, first half, first quarter, first third, first five innings betting and other or “exotic” options can be found for most games as well. At the end of the day, the only limit you’ll have on the kinds of bets that you can pick and choose from will inevitably be your own creativity and imagination!

Unibet Florida banking options


On the banking side of things, Unibet Florida keeps the solutions for moving money into and out of your sports betting account relatively straightforward.

Deposits are going to be almost instantly attributed to your account, even if the funds haven’t necessarily cleared your account just yet. Withdrawals take a little longer (usually hitting your bank between one and five business days after you have initiated the transfer), but are reliable.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different banking options you’ll be able to pick and choose from on Unibet Florida.

Deposits at Unibet sportsbook Florida

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Online bank transfers, ACH transfers, and electronic check transfers
  • Pay Near Me services
  • PayPal and other online payment processors
  • Unibet Play+ prepaid card

Unibet Florida sportsbook withdrawals

  • Online bank transfers, ACH transfers, and electronic check transfers
  • PayPal and other online payment processors
  • Unibet Play+ prepaid card
  • Physical paper check mailed to you directly

Unibet FL customer service

There’s no shortage of options available when you want to get a hold of Unibet sportsbook FL customer service.

Live chat support is available on a 24/7 basis, every single day of the year. It’s also available directly through the Unibet FL website as well as the Unibet FL app. This is probably the most convenient customer service option to use.

Email is also available, either through the online contact tool from the website or the mobile app. You’ll also be able to send a message directly to [email protected]. Expect a response within 2 to 3 business days, though sometimes it takes a little bit longer than that.

Phone support is available between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM (EST) every single day of the week, every single day of the year. Just call 855-655-6310 to speak to someone directly with your issues.

FAQ about Unibet Florida sportsbook

Can I bet on sports online legally in the state of Florida?

Online sports betting is all clear and good to go in the state of Florida right now, you’ll just need to be 21 years old.

Am I limited to betting on just Florida teams on the Unibet sportsbook?

Not at all – you can bet on the hometown teams here on Unibet FL, but you can also bet on teams all over the United States as well as from around the world.

How does live betting work on Unibet in FL?

Live betting on Unibet is simple and straightforward. You’ll be able to bet on games that are actually ongoing rather than having to get your bet in before the game begins. Wagers can (usually) be placed right up until the final whistle.

What’s the best way to get money into and out of the Unibet sportsbook in FL?

The fastest way to get money into and out of your Unibet account is with a Play+ prepaid card and account.

Can I make an account on Unibet if I already have a different sportsbook account?

Absolutely, there’s no limit to the amount of different sports betting sites you can be a member of in the state of Florida (or anywhere else). You won’t have any trouble creating a new account here even if you were already betting on sports elsewhere.