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Florida Sportsbook Promos

Florida sports betting bonuses are found in operators across the web. This guide gets into the details of Florida sports betting promos, the best sites on which to find them, and the different sports/events you can bet on using Florida sportsbook bonuses and promos.

What are Florida sports betting promos?

Florida sports betting promos are time-limited offers by betting sites to attract bettors into participating in a bet or series. Usually, these promos are separate from the sign-up promos for new users. You can find Florida online betting promos throughout the year, on both your betting site and affiliated pages.

Our guide will go over:

  • Which FL betting sites offer the best promos
  • What types of Florida sports betting promos you can find in the Sunshine State
  • Which sports you can use your Florida promos on
  • The top sports and events offering promos
  • How to use your Florida sports betting promos
  • Florida promos FAQs

Compare sports betting bonuses in Florida

Welcome offers are one of the best things for new bettors. It gives them the chance to learn the ropes before they bet their own money. While welcome offers are popular, they are not the only kind of offer operators give out, which is why we are here with the scoop.

Even if you have gotten your welcome offer, you might be able to score other bonuses with your favorite provider. We’ll introduce you to different kinds of welcome offers and walk you through how you can use them to make wagers on your favorite sports team today.

Best Florida sportsbook promos


We’ve put together the best U.S. betting sites for Florida sports betting promos. Many promos are used in neighboring states and we look forward to their future presence in Florida. These are licensed sites with a strong presence in the U.S., so you’ll be betting safely and legally through all of their platforms.

BetMGM promos

BetMGM Florida offers promos around all major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, and more. You won’t have to wait for an official day off, though, as you can find weekly cash contests too. BetMGM also offers NBA game parlay insurance, NFL Parlay Plus promos, and more throughout the year.

Caesars promotions

Neighboring states are offering Caesars refer-a-friend promos of a $100 free bet for each friend referred. In addition, states with legalized college betting can see Caesars Sportsbook Florida offers 50% profit boosts on NCAA basketball, as well as boosts on NHL games. Caesars also offers Bet the Board and Risk-Free Same Game Parlay offers for the NFL and NBA.

DraftKings betting promos

With millions of bettors, DraftKings Florida is looking to offer sports betting promos in Florida, not only on major markets but smaller ones as well. We’ve seen match pools around PGA matches, as well as other free-to-play daily pools on its platform. Its Dynasty Rewards Program also offers bettors a chance to win more through each bet they place on its app.

FanDuel sports betting promos

FanDuel Florida has been known to offer single-entry series contests weekly, especially around the NFL. In neighboring states, they have also offered cash prizes for fantasy sports betting, free NBA totals bets with weekly prizes, and a give-$50-get-$50 referral program where both the referee and referral gain a boost.

Other great sports betting bonuses in Florida

Florida sports betting promo codes


Florida sports betting promo codes include reduced juice, refer-a-friend, VIP/Loyalty club, boosted odds, and ongoing offers. Most top betting sites, such as the ones we list above, include an array of different FL promo codes throughout the year. Florida promo codes change depending on the sport, season, bettor interest, and betting site details.

A savvy bettor will take advantage of as many promos as they can, particularly if they’re offered in a sports niche that they’re familiar with. Get acquainted with each type of offer below so that you can take advantage of them the next time you see them on your betting site.

Reduced juice promo code FL

All betting sites charge a commission per bet, called the juice. Other names you may see for this fee are vigorish, vig, cut, take, or house edge. In many cases – especially when betting on a favorite – a bettor will have to bet more than $100 to win a $100 payout. This difference is where the juice comes in.

Betting sites will set the odds as high as they can while still remaining attractive to bettors, giving them the most juice. If, on the contrary, your bet is closer to +100, you’re betting on reduced juice.

Some betting sites may choose to lower or eliminate their juice for a specific bet. For example, betting sites will outright say their promo includes reduced juice, or a bettor may discover this offer by comparing the site’s odds with that of a competing site. With reduced juice bets, even if your bet loses, you are saving money over a non-reduced juice bet.

Refer-a-friend Florida betting promos

Florida refer-a-friend promos are self-explanatory – you receive a benefit for getting one of your pals to sign up to your betting site. These Florida sports betting promo benefits are often given in the form of a site credit, free bet, or even a cash prize.

Generally, you’ll be given a referral code that you can pass along to your friends. They use that code to sign up and begin betting on the same site. Most credits for this referral are dispersed once your friend either deposits into their account or places their first bet.

Each referral program has its stipulations, so be sure to check with your betting site before signing up.

VIP/Loyalty Club promos in FL

Florida betting sites want you to stick with them, which is why they offer VIP and loyalty rewards programs to keep bettors engaged.

These programs are often automatic, although some require you to opt in. The program will give you points for each bet you place, contest you enter, or general action you complete on the site. Sometimes the points are called something else; for example, on DraftKings, you’re rewarded crowns.

No matter the name, these points accumulate and can be exchanged for things like free bets, cash, contest entries, exclusive betting opportunities, and physical prizes like hotel stays or site merchandise.

Most sites have different levels assigned to bettors based on how many points they’ve accumulated. The higher your level, the more enticing the rewards you can get.

Florida boosted odds promos

Florida sports betting promos for boosted odds change the betting line in favor of winning bettors. This means you’ll cash out a bigger payout on boosted odds bets compared to an average bet.

Boosts are often seen in increments of twenty. For example, you may have an original line at +200 which is boosted to +220 or +240. Boosted odds bets are also often capped at certain amounts, but you can still win a pretty penny through this Florida sports betting promo.

Ongoing promotions for Florida betting promos

Each betting site offers unique Florida sports betting promos that can affect many markets throughout the year. Other types of ongoing promotions may include things like parlay insurance, season-specific offers, enhanced odds, halftime payouts, and one-game parlays.

Comparing Florida online sports betting bonuses


All of the bonus sportsbooks we’ve mentioned above offer some sort of Florida promos when you create an account. They come in a few different forms and offer bettors a few ways to enjoy them. Below, we’ll share the different kinds of bonuses that you should keep your eyes open for and know how to use when they’re available.

Florida betting bonus sign up

At sign-up, it’s pretty common to score a bonus. This incentive is there to attract bettors, allowing them to increase their bet or decrease their risk. Betting operators offer different kinds of welcome bonuses, including:

– Risk-free bets

– Deposit matches

– No deposit bonuses

– Free bets

The risk-free bet FL bonus

For bettors that find a provider and sign up for the first time, they can get a risk-free bet. They are normally offered as a welcome offer and provide an incentive to bettors so they can learn the ropes without the risk.

Among our top 5 bonus sportsbooks, two of them offer risk-free bets, one of which is FanDuel. They offer betters the chance to deposit up to $1000 and bet every single penny without losing it. That means that, in case you don’t choose well, you’ll score your money back, something that isn’t typical when making sports bets online.

How it works

The risk-free bet that is up to $1000 works on the first bet. Bettors will need to pick the match they wish to wager on and make their bet. Whatever amount it is up to $1000, they can sit back and watch, not having to worry about losing it all on a whim.

If it happens that bettors are lucky and picked correctly, they don’t get to keep it all, however, as there are some limitations to risk-free bets.

Deposit match bonuses in Florida

One of the first things bettors have to do when they create an account makes a deposit. That’s why a lot of operators will add an incentive that will match whatever bettors put in. However, most of the time, the deposit is capped off at a certain amount, which bettors should look at beforehand.

How it works

A deposit match will usually match the first deposit made up to a certain amount. After that, all bettors have to do is log in and make a deposit with an accepted payment method. Then, they can enjoy a match up to 100% on a certain amount.

Sports betting bonus no deposit in FL

Some of them out there give bettors an incentive, and it’s not just limited to those who are new to the site. With a no deposit bonus, bettors get the chance to log in and use free money to make a wager.

No deposit-free bet bonuses are generally lower than deposit matches and come with a few requirements that bettors have to meet to remain eligible. Still, it’s a great way to get used to the platform and put a little more down when making bets.

How it works

When you score a no deposit bonus, all you’ll have to do is accept it and pick the match you’re putting your money on. But, of course, it always helps to keep the limitations in mind, as you may have to choose a bet with particular odds for it to be valid.

Free bets bonus in FL

Every once in a while, sportsbooks with bonuses will hand out free bets. These bets do not require a deposit and are typically for both new and frequent bettors. Most of the time, these free bets come from bonuses and are offered only here and there.

How it works

When bettors get a free bet, they will need to head over to their chosen ones and log in. From there, they may be prompted to enter in a code or some other form of identifier for the free bet. From there, it’s simple, and all bettors have to do is choose their match and bet.

Florida sportsbook promos to use


You can use your Florida sports promos for bets on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and other markets.

Miami Dolphins promo code

If you’re betting on the team, using  Miami Dolphins sportsbook promo codes this football season, you’ll notice some reduced juice promos and odds boosts on various FL betting sites. BetMGM has also offered up to $1,000 in cash and $250 in free bets for users who can predict the six highest-scoring teams during one NFL season.

Other sites, like BetMGM, are offering free bets for any $20+ placed football bets, one game parlay insurance, and weekly free $10 football bets.

Miami Marlins promos Florida

As one of the two pro baseball teams in Florida, the Miami Marlins bring in thousands of bettors annually. So take advantage of promos like DraftKings’ bet $1-win $1 promo and FanDuel’s cycle promos around the MLB season.

Florida promos Orlando Magic

Basketball betting in Florida is alive and well, and Orlando Magic fans take advantage of exclusive basketball promos across betting sites.

Caesars sportsbook has offered $2 3-pointer promos, DraftKings is known for their NBA odds boosts, and BetMGM has offered $200 bet promos if your team scores a 3-pointer.

Tampa Bay Lightning promos in FL

With a handful of Stanley Cup titles in tow, bettors with Lightning and hockey bets can often take advantage of free bets for live betting, odds boosts, and free bets for moneyline hockey bets.

Event-specific promos in Florida

Big promos are found around playoffs, championships, and league finals across major markets.

Look for special Florida sports betting promos around:

  • March Madness
  • The Super Bowl
  • The World Series
  • The World Cup
  • NFL championship games
  • NBA championship series

Claim the Florida sports betting bonus


Like most bonuses and offers, those that come from Florida sports betting sites have some restrictions. So before making bets, it’s a good idea to check the requirements first so that you know what to do to get the most out of the bonus offer.

In most cases, wagering requirements include expiration dates, of which bonuses will have to be used by then. On top of that, they only allow bettors to wager on specific odds. You might have to choose odds that are around -200, something that could change the way you bet.

Before making a bet with your bonus, please read the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand them. This will help you get the most out of your bonus and help you know what you can expect if your beginner’s luck kicks in and you earn some cash.

How to receive sports betting bonus FL

There are a lot of different bonuses out there, and bettors should do what they can to take advantage of them. However, when you score one, you might be wondering what to do, which is why we’ve outlined it below.

Find your Florida bonus betting operators

The first step to claiming your bonus is to find one that works for you. Not only should this operator have all the sports you want but have a fantastic welcome offer too. For help choosing the best ones for you, check out our top 5.

Get the app for bonuses in FL

Once you are signed up and ready to go, you should download the app. All of our top 5 have a mobile app, which makes it better both in-game and out much faster and easier. All are compatible with a number of devices, so find you and download it.

One thing to be sure that you watch out for is downloading the correct app, which should be the one for Florida users. Once you have the app, all you’ll have to do is create an account to log in and start betting with convenience.

Create your account

Creating an account in all of our top 5 is simple and takes just a few seconds. First, you’ll be asked to enter basic information and create a username and password that will serve for both your account on the web and on the app.

Apart from account creation, you’ll also be asked to verify your identity, something that you should get done quickly so you can start placing your bets faster. This usually required a valid form of identification and verification of your address.

Make a deposit

With your account and app up and ready to go, the last thing you’ll need to do is make a deposit. Most of them have a minimum amount that you have to deposit or a bonus that will match up to a certain amount.

In both cases, it’s good to find out what those are and make your initial deposit afterward so that you get the best bang for your buck. Making a deposit will qualify you for welcome bonuses but make sure to read the fine print before you take off and make a bet to make sure that it’s valid.

Florida Sports betting bonuses FAQs

Who is eligible for Florida sports betting promos?

Floridians age 21 and over can open an account on a Florida sportsbook using a valid ID, email address, and deposit method. Once your account is active, you may use that betting site’s available promo codes to activate the promotion.

What are the most common types of promos?

The most common Florida sports betting offers are reduced juice, refer-a-friend, VIP/loyalty club, and boosted odds promos. You can also find ongoing promotions in Florida around certain sports, seasons, championships, and playoffs.

Do I need sports betting bonus codes to claim a bonus?

In the state of Florida, all those who gamble or create an account with a sportsbook have to be at least 21 years old. In addition, there is a verification process for all online accounts where those who create an account will have to show their valid driver’s license and prove their address.

Can I claim a bonus in more than one sportsbook in Florida?

For anyone that is gambling under the age of 21 in the state of Florida, there could be a charge depending on the severity of the crime. It’s punishable by law, so make sure that you are abiding by it and not gambling underage.

How can I find wagering requirements for bonuses?

For some, yes, for others, no. Most welcome offers are automatic, with you just having to follow the directions after sign up. Still, there are a few that come with a bonus code that you will have to enter into the proper box for it to become valid.

Are promos and bonuses the same thing?

Promos and bonuses are both offers used to attract bettors to different betting sites. Promotions are special and often time-limited events that give you a chance to earn promo prizes. they are extra rewards paid out to bettors, often offered to new account-holders.